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Preparation Instructions for this publication:

1, Hit play on the You tube Video;

2, Scroll down at a leisurely pace;

3, Learn more about your favourite artist.

Follow Ms. Dolly Parton on instagram, here

Effy1Follow Ms. Effy Harvard on instagram, here

Bianca10Follow Ms. Bianca Richards on Instagram, here

Lea10Follow Ms. Leanna Bartlett on Instagram, here

Jessica1Follow Ms. Jessica Naz on instagram, here

Ashley101Connect with Ms. Ashley Sara Haas, here

Elizabeth Vigee Lebrun 1Élisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun - Self-Portrait with Straw Hat, 1782 - learn more about the artist, here

Jessica15Follow Ms. Jessica Hinton on instagram, here

Sonny101Follow Ms. Sonny Matson on instagram, here

LindsayFollow Ms. Lindsey Pelas on Instagram, here

Madame Vigee Lebrun and her daughter Jeanne Lucia JulieSelf Portrait: Madame Vigee Lebrun and her daughter Jeanne Lucia Julie (image PD) - learn more about the artist, here

Kara101Follow Ms. Kara Jewell on instagram, here

KaykayFollow Ms. Kay Rose on instagram, @kaykayyrose - follow Ms. Emma Davies here

Gee10Follow Ms. Georgina Gentle on instagram, here

Elisabeth Vigee Lebrun Madame Perregaux WGA25078 1Elisabeth Vigee Lebrun 'Madame Perregaux' - learn more about the artist, here

Eden5Follow Ms. Eden Rambo on instagram, here

kissass 1Follow Ms. Magdalena Frackowiak on instagram @frackowiakmagdalena

Kimb1 copyFollow Ms. Kimberly K. on instagram, here

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 Lead image Ms Alexa Collins - follow Ms Collins, here

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