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Preparation Instructions for this publication:

1, Hit play on the You tube Video;

2, Scroll down at a leisurely pace;

3, Learn more about your favourite instagram artist. 

Follow John Newman on Instagram, here

BCM1"Today I am finally wearing my hat out. Today I have decided to no longer be afraid. Today I have decided that Democrats can no longer bully me. TODAY I HAVE DECIDED" ~  follow Ms. Charrise Lane on Instagram @charriselane

Should the above brave young lady ever consider writing for an art market publication, then we should be delighted to speak with her; our contact us page can be found here

Alexisren1Follow Ms. Alexis Ren on Instagram, here

POP10Follow Ms. Pauline Tanto on Instagram @popstanto

StephmiFollow Ms. Steph Mi on Instagram @stephmi

SamanthaFollow Ms. Samantha Hoopes on Instagram, here

Kelie1Follow Ms. Kellie on Instagram, here

love1'Love' by Robert Indiana - from London Calling part 2 - learn more about Robert Indiana, here

Lauren1Follow Ms. Lauren York on Instagram, here

SmebyFollow Ms. Kelsie Jean Smeby on Instagram, here

Licht1Roy Lichtenstein 'Crying Girl' learn more about Roy Lichtenstein, here - "I'd date you"

Abbey1Follow Ms. Abbey Dowse on Instagram, here

BiancaFollow Ms. Bianca Richards on Instagram, here

0625 vangogh stremyVincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853 - 1890), Roses, 1890, oil on canvas, overall: 71 x 90 cm (27 15/16 x 35 7/16 in.) Gift of Pamela Harriman in memory of W. Averell Harriman, 1991.67.1

Kara1Follow Ms. Kara Jewell on instagram, here

Amber1Follow Ms. Amber Jepson on Instagram, here

PatienceConnect with Ms. Patience Silva on Instagram, @patiencesilva

IvanaFollow Ms. Ivana Santacruz on Instagram, here

tanyaFollow Ms. Tanya Mityushina on Instagram, here

Charr1Follow Ms. Charrise Lane on Instagram @charriselane

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