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100 years after the death of Canadas greatest painter, Tom Thomson, the mystery still lingers.

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A part-time paddler heads to Algonquin Park, Ontario to learn more about Canada’s most famous painter and his mysterious death over 100 years ago. 

2017 marked the 100th anniversary of the (still unexplained and suspicious) death of iconic Canadian artist, Tom Thomson, on beautiful Canoe Lake in Algonquin Provincial Park.

It was here in Algonquin that the one-time park ranger spent endless days painting and sketching innovative works that would inspire fellow artists in the early 20th Century, who would themselves go on to form Canada’s prominent arts collective, The Group of Seven. (Hollywood legend Steve Martin is a big champion of one member of the Group of Seven in particular.)

To read more on The Great Canadian Wilderness:

The Jack Pine 1The Jack Pine by Tom Thomson c1917

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