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Mobster capo, implicated by sources in the Gardner Heist, committed many hits in his life then spent years in the federal witness retirement program for wiseguys who use selective memory to settle scores.

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FPS1 Former New England Mafia boss Francis P. “Cadillac Frank” Salemme

At last week’s sentencing hearing in federal court where former New England mafia don Francis (Cadillac Frank) Salemme got saddled with a life prison term for ordering the murder of his business partner, Boston nightclub owner Stevie DiSarro, back in May 1993, U.S. Attorney and famous mob buster Fred Wyshak told Judge Allison Burroughs that the government suspected Salemme took part in at least another half-dozen first-degree homicide conspiracies in his days as boss of the Patriarca crime family. The 85-year old Salemme led the New England mafia from 1991 until he was jailed in 1995, a tumultuous period in Patriarca syndicate history marked by internal warfare pitting Cadillac Frank against mob crews headquartered in East Boston and the North End (Boston’s Little Italy) headed by Joe (J.R.) Russo and his protégé Vinnie (The Animal) Ferrara, respectively.

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