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It cannot ever be said that the Editors and contributors of AAD do not offer readers the latest in world wide news, views and gossip. Items that range from the deadly serious (Female Circumcision), the highly academic (The Durer articles,) and the profound and meaningful (Danny O’Doul’s International Mustard Day).

Now, we have sadly to report on a really tragic matter which will sadden the hearts of all and every Irishmen the world over. Namely, the removal from the bottom of Grafton Street, Dublin, of the life- size bronze statue of Molly Malone, complete with the cart and all her goodies on offer.
Fondly known to all Dubliners as “The Tart with The Cart”, this really very good art work sitting across the road from Trinity College has probably caused more motor car shunts, cricked necks, smutty jokes and spotty schoolboys to fall from their bikes than any other Irish monument and, trust me, Ireland has a heck of a lot of monuments.

‘Made famous by the song “Dublin’s Fair City “published in 1884, Molly was a beautiful but very tragic Dublin girl who sold fish from her cart by day and practised her much older profession by night. She died aged only 20 years. In 1988 the Dublin Millennium Commission carried out research and established that Molly, a real person, died on 13th June 1699. It was proclaimed that henceforth the 13th of June was to be Molly Malone Day. Thus giving grateful Irishmen the world over yet another excuse to get ‘plastered’ on that day. As if they ever really needed one…..
The reason that Molly is being moved on? No, its not that she has finally offended the great and the good, or has been ordered to cover up (although some wags have been known to slip a warm scarf around her neck in winter). It’s not because she’s seen as a traffic hazard (she sure is!). It’s because Dublin’s version of an underground railway system , built overground ( a nice Irish quirk) now requires Molly to be moved in order to extend its network. Some residents of Dublin’s northside are hoping to get her monument re-erected (no silly puns now, this is a serious article) in Moore Street. Others, living south of the city centre wanting it to be placed outside the former St Andrews Church in Suffolk Street, although nobody is really quite sure why.

Personally I think she should be moved up just a little from where she is now, into Grafton Street proper. This is the very centre of Dublin’s shopping & commercial area. After all Molly was something of a young entrepreneur herself, only maybe slightly more open and honest about it.
Please, when next you have a glass of falling-over water in your hand, raise a silent toast to Molly Malone of Dublin’s Fair City If you’re visiting Dublin then be sure to look her up. ‘The Tart with the Cart’, who continues to give much innocent pleasure.

Coinnigh Mionghire.