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Following the trail of artists long since dead presents unique challengnes. The Hudson River School and its painters best illustrate how artists once in fashion fell into utter obscurity only to be rediscovered many decades if not a full century later. Meanwhile the institional knowledge on the painters died out, thus we are left to search amongst papers and surviving records to amplify and hopefully codify. It has long been known that Herman Herzog published a master list of his works on or about the centenary of his birth, he lived to 100 years of age.

The Taylor Daily Press Tue Nov 10 1931 The Taylor Daily Press Tue Nov 10 1931

His so-called master list of 1,000 paintings published in 1931 by the artist, can be expanded with the discovery of an auction of his work in 1899 which boosts the known oeuvre of his work to an even larger number of some 1,220, which because of recent works having been misattributed to other artists, in an article to come shortly will prove useful. The major joy of Herzogs work has been the arcane knowledge that a number attached to the back of the canvas, usually on period linen cloth, and written in fine victorian penmanship are numbers which correspond to this artists list. Sometimes an extra set of three digit numbers confused the situation. Four of those here identified inlude #62, Lightouse and Pier, Belgium, #253 Hunters Landing Cow Creek Region of Florida, #386, Fishing Baskets, Venice and #494 Old Grsnny, Negro Settlement in Florida, which Christies correctly identified in a recent sale in 2016 but they renamed it "Southern Hardwood Swamp Scene" when it established the artists auction record of $487,500.

Page01 81

Page02 81

62 heritage moonlit harbor herzog62. Herman Herzog, Lighthouse and Pier, Belgium, photo courtesy Heritage

Page03 168

Page04 168

Page05 169 253

Page06 253

253 Herzog FL lum253. Hermann Herzog, Hunters Landing, Cow Creek Region, Florida, Private Collection

Page07 341

Page08 341

Page09 427

Page10 427

386 herzog hermann386. Hermann O. Herzog, Fishing Baskets in a Venice Canal, Private Collection

Page11 519

Page12 519

494 granny swamp scene494. Hermann O. Herzog, Southern Hardwood Swamp Scene, period list different title, photo credit: Christies

Page13 609

Page14 609

Page14 609

Page16 699

Page17 788

Page18 788

Page19 873

Page20 873

Page21 951

Page22 951

Page23 1000

Page24 1000

 Coming up, the rediscovered list which ennumerates the Lost Yosemite Paintings 



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