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Preparation Instructions for this publication:

1, Hit play on the You tube Video;

2, Scroll down at a leisurely pace;

3, Follow your favourite artist. 

Daisy9 copy"Loving Summer Already ????☀️????" said Daisy Lea

Alexis1"Tahiti ????" follow Alexis Ren, here

GeorgiaGeorgia Gibbs is "Officially on 'staycation' ✨" - follow Georgia, here

Eden10Connect with Eden Rambo here

Silv12"I love my country" said Silvia

Mit10"????such a beautiful day????" said Tanya, follow Tanya Mityushina here

KVD'Woman with cat' by Kees van Dongen (26 January 1877 – 28 May 1968) - learn more here

Karenlima"Island dreaming ✨ " follow Karen Lima here

KJ1Connect with Kara Del Toro here

EVaFollow Enokaeva here

Em10Follow Emrata on Instagram, here

Daisy100Daisy Lea

Paige1Follow Paige Watkins on Instagram here 

Nina1Follow Nina Agdel, here

EVELINAFollow Evelina, here

Laura12“Improve yourself but learn to love it!” said Laura Brioschi

WomancatPierre-Auguste Renoir, Woman with a Cat (circa 1875) learn more about Renoir here 

Abby99Follow Abby Dowse, here

Vicw"Love this dress!! :)" said Victoria, connect with Victoria, here


CLAUDIAFollow Claudia Schiffer on Instagram here

Eva19"????☀️ I love you the City of Angels ????" said Anya Areva

DL2"You Asked For One And You Got 2 ????" said Daisy........

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