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3, Connect to your favourite artist.  


cg1 Connect with Ms. Julia Yaroshenko here  

cg2Follow Ms. Cindy Prado on Instagram @cindyprado

cg3Connect with Ms. Ashley Haas on Instagram, here

cg4 minFollow Ms. Sara Doku here

14BFF277 6F88 48E6 97B9 3E66E36AA97AFrank Tenney Johnson, Texas Cowboys, 1930, 24 by 30 inches (Image courtesy Sothebys 2009) learn more about the artist, here

cg5Follow Ms. Amanda Taylor @amandataylor80

hshoeHorse Shoe bend by moonlight 

cg6Connect with Ms. Bryana Holly, here

cg7Connect to Ms. Silvia Caruso on Instagram @silvialicius

cg9Follow Ms. Tika Camaj on Instagram @tikacamaj

cg10Connect with Ms .Nicole Thorne @nicolethorne

41B40D49 A100 4F00 96F9 DE437F985D51Frank Tenney Johnson, "Through the Night" 24 by 18 inches (Image courtesy Sothebys 2013) learn more about the artist, here

cg11Follow Ms. Anya Areva @anya.areva

cg12Read 'The Sky at Night' - here

cg15Follow Ms. Viki Odintcova @viki_odintcova 

shelby1Follow Ms. Shelby Bay on Instagram @shelbybay

sunderFollow Ms. Sara Underwood Here

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