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Peggy and David Rockefeller’s vast collection, ranging from porcelains to Picassos, is poised to set an all-time record at Christie’s—with all proceeds going to charity.

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A CENTURY AGO, Standard Oil baron John D. Rockefeller became one of the world’s first billionaires at a time when the U.S. government’s annual budget hovered at around $700 million. This month, the vast art collection amassed by his grandson David Rockefeller could make history of its own by selling for as much as $1 billion at Christie’s in New York.

No other estate auction has ever crossed that mark.

To read more on the Wall Street Journal:

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 a010 000claude monet nympheas en fleur estimate on request 30 50Claude Monet 'Nympheas en fleur' - estimate on request $30,000,000 - $50,000,000

a011 000claude monet la seine a lavacourt 8 12Claude Monet 'la seine a lavacourt' - Est. USD $8,000,000 - $12,000,000

a012 000claude monet bord de mer a sainte adresse 2 3Claude Monet 'bord de mer a sainte adresse' Est. $2,000,000 - $3,000,000

a021 000paul signac portrieux la comtessePaul Signac 'portrieux la comtesse'

a026 000claude monet exterieur de la gare saint lazare effet de soleil estimate on request 30 50Claude Monet 'exterieur de la gare saint lazare effet de soleil' estimate on request $30,000,000 - $50,000,000

b009 000edouard manet la plage a maree basseEdouard Manet 'la plage a maree basse'

b008 000henri matisse odalisque couchee aux magnoliasHenri Matisse 'odalisque couchee aux magnolias'

b007 000edouard manet lilas et rosesEdouard Manet 'lilas et roses'

b006 000paul gauguin la vaguePaul Gauguin 'la vague'

b004 000jean baptiste camille corot venise vue du quai des esclavonsJean Baptiste Camille Corot 'venise vue du quai des esclavons'

For additional information on the forthcoming sale of the Peggy and David Rockefeller collection at Christie's - click here

Screen Shot 2018 04 01 at 21.45.30

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