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1, Hit play on the You tube Video;

2, Scroll down at a leisurely pace;

3, Follow your favourite artist.

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kissass"yes haters you can all kiss my beautiful ass" said Magdalena forcefully "bitches" - Follow Magdalena on Instagram here

daisylea1"Some like it hot" said Daisy Lea @Daisylea1 - Follow Daisy on Instagram here

eden"Be my undercover lover" said EDEN RAMBO - follow Eden on instagram @edenrambo

abbey1"Sending love from Bali" said Abby - follow Abby on Instagram @abbydowse

bh321"A thought" said Bryana - follow Bryana Holly on Instagram @bryanaholly

saradoku"U OK Hun" said Sara - follow Sara Doku - follow Sara on Instagram @saradoku  

Nicole1"When your phone is on charge in the background so you resort to polaroids" said Nicole - follow Nicole on Instagram @nicolethorne

dmod"Your choice Android or IOS?" Daria said - Follow Daria on Instagram @dariashy_model

anya1"Weekend feels" Anya said - follow Anya on Instagram @anya.areva 

Silvia1"It's very cold" said Silvia - follow Silvia on Instagram @silvialicius

ryanhatt"Stop, drop and roll" said Ryan - follow Ryan Hattaway @theryanhattaway

enoFollow Ekaterina Enokaeva on Instagram @enokaeva

JA123Took an hour to get those boots on - follow @juli.aannee on instagram

vicwin1Follow Victoria on Instagram @victoria_winters

boca1Follow Taylor Lethcoe on Instagram @boca.barbie

viciFollow Viki Odintcova on Instagram @viki_odintcova

Amanda1Follow Amanda on Instagram @amandataylor80

dasha1Follow Dasha on Instagram @dashamart

DaisytubFollow Daisy Lea on Instagram

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