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Long before she became First Lady of the United states, then a grieving widow immortalized by Warhol, circa 1950 Jacqueline Bouvier was injured in a horse riding accident, and while recovering from a concussion her father Black Jack Bouvier commissioned a portrait of his daughter while she recovered.

The painting later belonged to her aunt then inherited by her cousin, whose son claimed it was stolen over thirty years ago from the quasi abandoned family home in the Hamptons Grey Gardens.

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A long lost painting of former first lady Jackie Kennedy is at the heart of a legal battle being waged against a New York art collector.

Squirreled away in the East Hamptons for nearly 60 years, the forgotten work is believed to have been stolen from Grey Gardens, the dilapidated estate belonging to Jackie's aunt and cousin, according to The New York Post.  

'Big Edie' Beale inherited the painting from her brother, John 'Black Jack' Bouvier III, who commissioned the portrait from artist Irwin Hoffman in 1950.

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