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Re-published on this memorial day weekend, to honour our American friends and their fallen soldiers.

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PL3211st Marine Division pinned down on Peleliu, September, 1944 - Follow Peleliu on Instagram

unknown“Thousand-yard Stare” by Tom Lea 1944, Peleliu Island - The United States Army Center of Military History

The painting, a 1944 portrait of a nameless Marine at the Battle of Peleliu, is now held by the United States Army Center of Military History in Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D.C.[2] About the real-life Marine who was his subject, Lea said:

He left the States 31 months ago. He was wounded in his first campaign. He has had tropical diseases. He half-sleeps at night and gouges Japs out of holes all day. Two-thirds of his company has been killed or wounded. He will return to attack this morning. How much can a human being endure?


First published 27 Jan 2018.

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