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Australia recently elected a new Liberal (conservative) Coalition government. The new Arts minister is Mr George Brandis, Mr Brandis is a lawyer by trade and was Arts minster during the last Liberal Coalition government that in 2006, opted to reject Artist Resale Royalties as a practical, worthwhile policy.

Mr Brandis was recently asked, by the Australian Newspaper, about the likely future of our ARR scheme , he is reported as saying :
“The government has long been sceptical about the resale royalty scheme which, even years after it was introduced by Labor, has still failed to provide economic benefits to artists as much as it has cost the commonwealth," Senator Brandis tells The Australian. "I will be looking closely at the findings of the resale royalty scheme review when it is completed later this year."

There is a large limiter/problem affecting the future of the scheme:

Over the past three years the scheme has received a total of $2.2 million AU in government support to its operations. At the same time, the scheme has in those 3 years raised a total of less than $190,000 AU in collection fees. The scheme cannot pay for itself. Without continuing subsidy its operations must at some point, provably fairly soon, grind to a halt.

The hurdles limiting the chances of the scheme becoming self supporting anytime soon are numerous and high. Therefore the future of the Australia ARR scheme rests in large measure on the willingness of the new government to continue paying support to the operations of a scheme that is unpopular, a “debacle” and a costly ,unintended, disincentive to buying art in the first place.
Time will tell.

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John R Walker

John R Walker

John R Walker has been exhibiting for more than 30 years. His artworks can be found in many of Australia's major public and private collections including: the ACT Legislative Assembly, Art Gallery of...