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Was Obama hope predicated on social handouts, or the reignition of a stagnant private sector of a once formidable western economy?

The added costs to the social aspects of the economy slowed the former locomotive US to a crawl. Art sales when they happened, may have been large, but in a game of musical chairs we have gotten too used to, they have become few and far in between. Don't believe us, ask Sotheby's or Christie's, and certainly do not believe Claire McAndrew. Once past their stage set facades of American corporate shell structure to avoid EU taxes, the Irish have few seats on the global economy. If one wants to really know the global art market go to New York, or London.

These winds are changing, expected in the developing US economy is a new tax code, one that does not punish risk taking, and ends the sequestration of Corporate earnings overseas. When those expatriate dividends come home, it may be one of the largest surges in market confidence seen in a generation.

Now that is "hope" we can all live with and enjoy.


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