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Two scenarios, one yes, the other no.

First of all the court is in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, which has seen rust belt evaporation of jobs, so the local judge will know the economic shit sandwich the locals have been served; General Electric moved out taking more than 30,000 jobs and no longer funds the museum the way they used to do in the glory days as recently as ten years ago. The jobs checked out much earlier.

01Pittsfield SC berkshire superior courtPittsfield SC Berkshire Superior Court

Odds are the Rockwells can sell, and maybe the Calders too. Living artists rarely attached liens or encumbrances to museums.

Earlier it was noted that:

Discussions between the attorney general’s office and the museum’s legal team have already resulted in the museum and Sotheby’s voluntarily pulling 19 works from the scheduled auctions—for now, pending the court decision. The attorney general’s office maintains that these pieces, which were given to the museum before 1932, the year it was separated from its former parent organization, the Berkshire Athenaeum, are protected by an 1872 statute stating that they cannot be removed from Pittsfield. 

03berkshire judge john agostiniBerkshire Judge John Agostini


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