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Yves Bouvier launched on Monday a new counterattack against his Russian enemy. For two years now, the Swiss and the oligarch Dmitry Rybolovlev have been constantly challenging the constitution of the largest collection of private art in the world. The second accuses the first of having defrauded him.

The filing before the investigating judge Edouard Levrault of a complaint against X for "corruption", "false criminal" and "laundering" now places the original plaintiff in a very defensive position. Especially since the resignation in September of the director of judicial services, Philippe Narmino.

The opening in the wake of information for "trading in influence", aimed at allegedly too close relations between the head of justice, the police and the oligarch, could only lead Yves Bouvier to file a complaint in the wake last week of Tania Rappo. The friend of the couple was placed in custody and charged in February 2015, along with Yves Bouvier, for acting as an intermediary in the transactions of paintings.

Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridges, especially around a first judicial hitch: the revelations of the fraudulent recording of a conversation between Tania Rappo and the Russian, in the apartment of the latter. First snag that has led to the prosecution of Tetiana Bersheda, the lawyer of the oligarch, and most recently Rybolovlev himself for "complicity in invasion of privacy." The revelations about SMS exchanged between Tetiana Bersheda, Philippe Narmino and Monaco police officials have also reinforced doubts about the "serenity" of the investigation.

Frank Michel, the Monegasque lawyer Yves Bouvier, said: "By filing this complaint, I want to expand the scope of qualification to develop investigations." Letters rogatory will be issued. So far, Tetiana Bersheda talks about contacts she considers "normal" in this type of file. However, how to justify the resignation of the director of the judicial services? Always suspected of "swindle" in the eyes of justice of the Rock, the Helvetian is found him in the process of demanding compensation to the Monegasque State, if the facts of corruption and trading in influence are confirmed.

dmitry rybolovlevDmitry Rybolovlev


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