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ECUADOR vs BRASIL (29392285815) (cropped)Neymar

The $263 million dollar transfer deal for the worlds most talented and big-ticket Brazilian soccer player should stand atop a pretty high list of financial deals in sports let alone in business in Europe for the last few years.

What is Neymar’s worth in comparative value on the art market?

He hasn’t reached the heights of Interchange by Willem De Kooning, valued at $303* million or, When Will You Marry Me? by Paul Gauguin that sold recently for $300* million dollars.

Screen Shot 2017 08 08 at 02.30.27 copyThe Card Players, O/C, 1895

Possibly the best comparison is the shared value of Neymar’s $263* million with the sale of The Card Players by Paul Cezanne, that sold for $263.1* million dollars, only slightly more.

What is one horizontal inch of each valued at? Neymar stands at 5 foot nine inches, so one horizontal inch to $263 million is $3,811,594.00.

Whereas Cezanne is ….

Here’s where the story gets interesting. This particular The Card Players is one of five paintings on the subject and the only one that was held in private hands. The exact size has been roughly agreed to be 53x65 inches. Therefore, one horizontal Cezanne inch is valued at $4,962,264.00.

Disagreements may arise as to the exact prices used in this article. The prices shown are adjusted for inflation and the exchange rate at the time the painting(s) changed hands and is what determines the final value for that individual sale.

Image of Neymar By Agencia de Noticias ANDES (ECUADOR vs BRASIL) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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