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Editors note: The storm mentioned in the publication below, is at the high pass where Interstate 80, the original transcontinental railroad (Central Pacific), cut through the Sierra Nevada mountains east of Sacramento. In the late 1840s it was where the Donner party got stranded in a March blizzard that, like the current storms, dropped twenty feet on higher elevations. The Bierstadt painting below, held in the New-York Historical Society was painted just after the Central Pacific finished the high altitude snow sheds to prevent giant snow storms from shutting down the train line.

The painting was first created for Colis P. Huntington, one of the big four investors in the Central Pacific Railroad. Building a railroad by hand, atop the Sierra Nevada mountains through the weather we see in today's headlines, was one of the great achievements in the world in the 19th century. The Russians built their road some thirty years later, and to date, the Chinese never built a trans China railroad from East to West.

donner 21 Artist - Albert Bierstadt (1830 - 1902) 'Donner Lake' or 'View of Donner Lake, California' 1873

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GUERNEVILLE, Calif. (AP) -- About 2,000 people in a rural California community near Sacramento were asked to leave their homes Tuesday as a river swollen by days of heavy rain threatened to flood, while north of San Francisco thousands more were urged to seek higher ground.

Emergency crews and officials worked through Tuesday to try to bolster the levee in Sacramento County along the Cosumnes River, before deciding to ask 2,000 residents of Wilton to voluntarily evacuate before dark.

Sacramento County emergency services official Mary Jo Flynn said water was expected to spill over the levee before midnight, flooding low-lying roads and buildings with up to 1 foot of water.

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