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Art Theft

3FB34901 ABAD 40C0 8A32 D199D4BA4C2DJames Stunt’s Fugazi Cottage Door said to be by Gainsborough

DDE0AB8B 2344 4882 9E4C 75B3C20FE5F8One of James Stunt’s Fugazi Monet Paintings

1E5928AB 6EF1 4C3E A516 48A22A06FFF4James Stunt in front of another Fugazi Van Dyck

E6674CF8 53C1 4C79 8D3D FEF4F33BDD71Philip Mould’s Fugazi Van Dyck Self Portrait claimed to be by Peter Lely - likely by Tony Tetro
B1FF2039 0FB6 4031 81E5 A41B14B7121DAnother Fake Monet from James Stunt's Instagram Page

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