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Art Theft



How James Stunt used the fake art he lent to Prince Charles to try to borrow millions of dollars.

Moral of the story, abusing the crown invites Mi5 investigations.

Signing paperwork with intent to commit fraud carries jail time.

Perhaps Stunt wants to refine his dick in the mouth accent.

What better place to hone such skills than with hard men in jail.

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Bankrupt bullion dealer James Stunt has embroiled the Prince of Wales in an audacious scheme to raise millions of pounds from an art collection that includes at least four fakes.

Intermediaries acting on behalf of Stunt, the former husband of Formula 1 heiress Petra Ecclestone, tried to borrow substantial funds using the collection of 17 paintings at Dumfries House – the Palladian mansion that the Prince saved for the nation – as collateral.

The artworks were sent to the house, which serves as the headquarters of The Prince's Foundation, on a ten-year loan in 2017 and placed on public exhibition alongside authentic treasures.

To read more on The Daily Mail:

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