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Art Theft

Would be con of Kings to come finally called out for the faker he really is as James Stunt gets skewered by Petra Ecclestone, the ex-wife who has finally had enough.

Normally gold diggers should know when to shut up. Apparently not so here.

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Petra Ecclestone clearly doesn’t know the old dictum that revenge is a dish best served cold. When the Formula 1 heiress inflicted retribution upon James Stunt, it came with all the heat of a thermonuclear attack and was every bit as devastating.

There was sad stuff and mad stuff in yesterday’s eyewatering take-down of her former husband.

But mostly there was a lot of bad stuff – the kind of damning detail which only a woman who has shared a man’s bedroom and his bank account would know.

To read more on The Daily Mail:

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