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Art Theft

How curious is it that the tabloids overlook the Prince Andrew and Epstein didn't kill himself in favour of pounding on Charles.

Perhaps it is because the media knew Stunt was a low life who peddled blatant forgeries, actually, that was our story in November of 2014, five years ago.

Before people pound on Charles remember it was Philip Mould and his cockney tart Fiona who not only taught Stunt to push spurious merch, they introduced Britain's would be celebrity greaseball to the forger who developed a conscience!

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Prince Charles was discovered to have been scammed after renown counterfeit artist Tony Tetro claimed three paintings displayed in Dumfries House, Scotland were his work. The artworks, which together were valued at £104m, include a reproduction of one of Claude Monet's waterlilies paintings and a Picasso. Royal expert Erin Hill told PEOPLE: "It's the biggest counterfeit art scandal in Royal Family history.

"He has found himself in the middle of this and it has nothing to do with anything he has done.

"It just so happens that  that were, we now know, forged by American painter Tony Tetro."

She continued: "The artworks were on loan to his charity foundation, on display at his estate in Scotland.

"Tony Tetro has since come forward and said he actually forged these pieces. The foundation said they accepted these works in good faith and they don’t actually authenticate these pieces of art."

To read more on The Express:

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