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Art Theft

Someday imbecilic millenial lowlifes like James Stunt might figure out that the most forged artist in recent memory was Salvador Dali so dealers with oxygen in the blood to feed even a dormant brain will always be wary of any so called Dali.

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It took Nicolas Descharnes less than 15 minutes to be certain that the 'Salvador Dali masterpiece' being shown to him in the office of bullion dealer James Stunt was a fake.

He needed just his jeweller's eyepiece, with its half-a-dozen mini-magnifiers, to be sure that the picture and its preparatory sketch had been forged.

The perspective was wrong and so was the colouration. The cracks showing the picture's age were a little too regular. Plus a stamp – the essential marks which tell the life story of a painting – on the reverse of its preparatory sketch was from a collection to which he knew it had never belonged.

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