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Art Theft

Russian speculation on the Gardner Heist. Strange that the mouthpiece of the mafia state of Russia points the finger at the IRA instead of La Cosa Nostra, but as the nerve gas death in Salisbury last spring showed, Russia would rather poison any British Isles well than contribute to humanity.

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Two men posing as police officers tricked their way into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston on the night of 18 March 1990. They stole 13 pieces of work worth US$500 million, none of which has ever been recovered.

In 2013 the FBI held a high profile press conference and said they had made a huge breakthrough in the search for the paintings which had been stolen in what had become known as the Gardner Heist.

Richard DesLauriers, special agent in charge of the FBI's Boston office, said: "The FBI believes it has determined where the stolen art was transported in the years after the theft and that it knows the identity of the thieves.

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