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Art Theft

Unlike its nefarious sticky fingered neighbor to the East, the Ukraine appears ready to join the adults in the room.

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The Port of La Rochelle, an oil on canvas by Paul Signac, was recovered by the Ukrainian authorities in Kiev on Tuesday, April 23, almost a year after disappearing from the Museum of Fine Arts in Nancy, France on May 24, 2018. The The 1915 work had been cut and removed from its frame, which had been left behind in the museum. The criminal operation took place outside the vision of the security camera, and according to the public prosecutor, who spoke about the incident, was the work of "hardened and particularly well organized criminals."

The 1.5 x 1.8 foot canvas depicting the port entrance to La Rochelle was found in the home of a man suspected of murdering a jeweler. "We received information about a group of people looking for buyers for paintings stolen in Europe last year," police official Sergei Tykhonov told AFP. "Several works of art have been discovered, including this painting, as part of a series of searches."

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