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Hatton Garden Heist explained: How eight bad grandpas pulled off a $20 million jewel heist. Only the old guys remembered the hole on the wall approach.

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Some senior citizens with too much time on their hands pick up bocce or dominoes as a hobby. And then there are the “Bad Grandpas”: Eight old men who pulled off one of Britain’s most audacious jewel heists, capturing some $20 million in precious goods.

The plan began coming together over fish and chips at the Castle, a North London pub, in 2012. Ranging in age from 52 to 73 at the time, the friends were some of the UK’s most notorious break-in artists and had served prison time for armed robbery, jumping bail, fencing stolen goods and other offenses. At this point, however, they were generally out of the game — although they still enjoyed hanging out and reminiscing about their bad old days.

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