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Art Theft

Mould instructional video on how to apply zip strip onto a painting then scrub horrifies conservators around the world.


"The thing that was so terribly disturbing about that video is the guy starts right on the face of the sitter. When I saw this video the first time, after about 10 seconds, I just had to turn it off because I couldn't watch it anymore." said Rob Proctor, a conservator at Whitten & Proctor Fine Art Conservation in Houston.

The sound in the video was particularly disturbing, Proctor said.

"You can just hear him scrubbing," Proctor, who has run workshops on varnishes, told Live Science. "It's a beautiful, old, culturally important painting. And then to watch the stuff just drip down the surface of the painting? It's really crazy."

To see the zip strip method in action:


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