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It must be summer because that is the only time rural upstate New York ever gets in the news. Jewelry thieves strike near Buffalo, NY. in the backyard of the once formidable Stefano Magaddino Crime family, a heist happened of the sort not seen since the famous mob film "Casino." In that film the Joe Pesci character (in real life Tony "The Ant" Spilatro) supplemented his casino skim by using spare construction equipment to tunnel into jewelry stores and other cached valuables, hence their nickname, The Hole in the Wall Crew.

For scholars of American mob family history the Magaddino family of Buffalo played host at the 1957 sit down in nearby Appalachin NY when the state police raided the suspicious gathering of mobsters, resulting in the largest collar of wise-guys ever seen, before or since. 

When asked why all these nattily dressed gangsters were in the backwaters of upstate NY, many claimed they heard (capo) Joe Barbara was sick and they simply wanted to pay their respects. Screen Shot 2017 08 04 at 22.52.15

Jewel thieves strike store

near Buffalo in Hollywood-style caper


When Joel Jaffe marched up to the front door of his Transit Road jewelry store on a Monday morning last month, he noticed part of the lock was missing.

At the nail salon next door, as well as the cosmetics store on the other side of his business, the same thing had happened.

Jaffe, owner of Amherst Jewelers, thought it was a prank. He pried open his front door with a screwdriver he borrowed from a neighbor and went inside. Glancing at his showcases, nothing seemed amiss.

But when he got to the back of the store, he saw signs of trouble -- a 5-foot hole in the wall between his shop and the nail salon.

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