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ostdeutschland-in-ihren-eigenen-wortenArt Theft

Ostdeutschland, in ihren eigenen Worten

AAD REPORTS 22/05/2021 Ostdeutschland, in ihren eigenen Worten   Eric Mielke - Army General...[Read More]
dutch-police-arrest-man-over-18m-theft-of-van-gogh-and-hals-paintingsArt Theft

Dutch police arrest man over £18m theft of Van Gogh...

AAD REPORTS 06/04/2021Dutch police have arrested a 58-year-old man on suspicion of stealing paintings by Vincent van Gogh and Frans Hals with an estimated value of £18m during night-time raids on museums in the Netherlands last year. The unnamed man was arrested on...[Read More]
inside-the-art-scandal-that-rocked-european-societyArt Theft

Inside the Art Scandal that Rocked European...

AAD REPORTS 26/01/2021How a fraudulent German art dealer conned her way into doing some real damage: On May 9 Ticolat wired the balance, $1,275,000. He expected the pumpkin to arrive in Hong Kong shortly and told his client as much. Ticolat asked Gulbenkian to restore minor...[Read More]
new-documentary-made-you-look-examines-how-over-60-fake-paintings-sold-for-80-millionArt Theft

New documentary Made You Look examines how over 60...

AAD REPORTS 29/12/2020The biggest art con in NYC history: How a brazen $80M scam that fooled collectors with fake Pollock and Rothko masterpieces shook the art world and brought down Manhattan's oldest gallery * From around 1994 to 2009, over 60 fake pieces of art were sold...[Read More]
nuns-sued-appraiserArt Theft

Nuns Sued Appraiser

AAD REPORTS 09/12/2020Art dealer Mark Lasalle appraised Convent owned work by Bouguereau initially for $65,000 Later he gets a kickback of $750,000 Is it a conflict of interest for an art dealer to moonlight as an appraiser? Did a Convent get cheated by an Albany...[Read More]
busted-woman-arrested-wearing-ecclestone-stolen-earrings-whole-crew-of-thieves-rolled-upArt Theft

Busted! Woman arrested wearing Ecclestone stolen...

AAD REPORTS 25/11/2020A woman linked to burglaries on three celebrities' homes was wearing Tamara Ecclestone's rose gold earrings when she was arrested, a court has heard. The socialite lost jewellery worth about £25m in the raid last December - including the £3,000 Noa...[Read More]
eric-clapton-on-james-stuntArt Theft

Eric Clapton on James Stunt

AAD REPORTS 21/11/2020If you want to hang out, you've gotta take her out, cocaine If you want to get down, get down on the ground, cocaine She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie, Cocaine The former husband of Formula One heiress Petra Eccleston was so high on...[Read More]
isabella-stewart-gardner-museum-the-lost-paintings-revisitedArt Theft

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Lost Paintings...

AAD REPORTS 18/11/2020On March 18 1990, thieves broke into the Gardner Museum and stole 13 works of art yet to be recovered.  Forgotten in the hubub of the Gardner Heist, is what these paintings actallly look like. Decades later we appear no closer to the recovery of...[Read More]
james-stunt-brutally-beaten-allegedlyArt Theft

James Stunt brutally beaten (allegedly)

AAD REPORTS 08/09/2020Robbery go awry or did Lord Hoover owe money to the wrong people? According to the Sun, law enforcement treated Stunt very much the perp and not such a victim. We can imagine him copping serious attitude when Rocco and Co. come looking for the...[Read More]
stolen-painting-recovered-2Art Theft

Stolen Painting Recovered

AAD REPORTS 07/09/2020A painting by American Impressionist, Robert Spencer entitled The Boating Party which had been stolen from Tennis Hall of Famer and gallerist, Gene Mako in 1995. A native of Hungary, Constantine “Gene” Mako learned to play tennis in Southern...[Read More]
christie-s-removes-illicitly-trafficked-antiquities-from-sale-archaeologist-questions-their-due-diligenceArt Theft

Christie’s removes illicitly trafficked antiquities...

AAD REPORTS 27/07/2020Over the past two weeks, Christie’s held seven online auctions as part of their “Classic Week,” which has featured everything from ancient artworks to Old Master painting. One of the auctions, in particular, though, has garnered some unwanted attention....[Read More]
justice-department-seeks-warhol-monet-paintings-tied-to-1mdb-scandalArt Theft

Justice Department seeks Warhol, Monet paintings tied...

AAD REPORTS 02/07/2020The U.S. Department of Justice on Wednesday said it was looking to recover another $96 million in assets in real estate and artwork linked to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) international money-laundering conspiracy. The assets include luxury...[Read More]
paris-dealer-who-sold-golden-sarcophagus-to-new-york-s-metropolitan-museum-charged-with-fraud-and-money-launderingArt Theft

Paris dealer who sold golden sarcophagus to New York’s...

AAD REPORTS 29/06/2020The French dealer Christophe Kunicki, an expert on Mediterranean archaeology, was charged in Paris on Friday with gang fraud and money laundering. Kunicki and his husband and associate Richard Sampaire, who was also charged, were released Friday night...[Read More]
philly-takes-down-christopher-columbusArt Theft

Philly takes down Christopher Columbus

AAD REPORTS 25/06/2020Groveling wimp Mayor Jim Kenney announced in a Twitter post that Philadelphia is moving to dismantle the Christopher Columbus statue in Marconi Plaza on South Broad Street.  Mayor Jim Kenney announced in a Twitter post that Philadelphia is moving...[Read More]
dutch-art-detective-says-he-has-proof-of-life-of-stolen-van-gogh-paintingArt Theft

Dutch art detective says he has 'proof of life' of...

AAD REPORTS 19/06/2020Dutch detectives are investigating two apparent “proof of life” photographs of a £5m Vincent van Gogh painting stolen from a museum during the coronavirus lockdown. The images appear to show Van Gogh’s Parsonage Garden at Nuenen in Spring alongside a...[Read More]
central-park-sunbathers-defy-coronavirusArt Theft

Central Park sunbathers defy coronavirus

AAD REPORTS 15/06/2020Packing fudge is not social distancing. In a manner sure to thrill noted fugazy peddler Carlton Hobbs, yet horrifying health experts the leap frog brigade has amnesia regarding the last three months. Good luck getting these guys to wear masks...[Read More]
another-stuntArt Theft

Another "Stunt?"

AAD REPORTS 08/06/2020Royal experts reveal how Prince Charles has restored his public reputation.    However, royal experts believe Charles has now successfully rehabilitated his reputation and is looked upon more positively by members of the public. Penny Junor...[Read More]
youtube-is-deleting-comments-with-two-phrases-that-insult-china-s-communist-partyArt Theft

YouTube is deleting comments with two phrases that...

AAD REPORTS 28/05/2020Comments left under videos or in live streams that contain the words “共匪” (“communist bandit”) or “五毛” (“50-cent party”) are automatically deleted in around 15 seconds, though their English language translations and Romanized Pinyin equivalents are...[Read More]
what-do-you-do-with-a-stolen-van-gogh-this-thief-knowsArt Theft

What Do You Do With a Stolen van Gogh? This Thief...

AAD REPORTS 28/05/2020AMSTERDAM — The televised security footage clearly showed the man smashing glass doors at the Singer Laren Museum, then walking out moments later with a painting by Vincent van Gogh under his arm. “Look at that,” Octave Durham said as he watched. “His...[Read More]
hobby-lobby-sues-christie-s-wants-us-to-feel-sorry-for-themArt Theft

Hobby Lobby Sues Christie's, Wants Us to Feel Sorry...

AAD REPORTS 21/05/2020Hobby Lobby may have a valid claim regarding fraud In March, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about how Steve Green, the CEO of Hobby Lobby and President of Museum of the Bible, plans to return 11,500 illicit Iraqi and Egyptian...[Read More]
you-ve-been-conned-3Art Theft

“You’ve been conned”

AAD REPORTS 11/05/2020More on art dealer Philip Mould and fake upgrades. (Edited and updated, 10 May 2020) In December 2009 Sotheby’s London auctioned a painting said to be the “last self-portrait” of the Flemish Baroque artist Sir Anthony Van Dyck (1599–1641). On a guide...[Read More]
revenge-of-the-evil-dwarf-as-cockney-con-man-indicted-for-money-laundering-and-forgeryArt Theft

Revenge of the Evil Dwarf as Cockney Con Man Indicted...

AAD REPORTS 02/05/2020Playboy tycoon James Stunt is to be charged with money laundering and forgery, the Mail can reveal. But the bankrupt former gold bullion dealer is already protesting his innocence, telling his followers on Instagram: ‘This is the biggest fit-up.’ Read...[Read More]
mini-me-s-run-amok-as-adolescent-grand-theft-auto-plaques-north-carolinaArt Theft

Mini me's run amok as adolescents grand theft auto...

AAD REPORTS 30/04/2020Since March 17, car dealerships in the Winston-Salem and Kernersville areas of North Carolina have been haunted by a string of break-ins that have resulted in the loss of dozens of vehicles reportedly worth a combined $1,138,718. Authorities believe to...[Read More]
smash-and-grab-debuts-in-amsterdamArt Theft

Smash and Grab Debuts in Amsterdam

AAD REPORTS 23/04/2020Video shows thief stole van Gogh painting with sledgehammer.   THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AP) — All it took was a few sturdy swings with a sledgehammer and a prized painting by Vincent van Gogh was gone. A Dutch crime-busting television show has...[Read More]
stunt-news-flashArt Theft

Stunt News flash

AAD REPORTS 21/04/2020Another Stunt motorcade has been spotted Rumour has it matchbox has foreclosed on the Count of Cockneys lease so they sent out a gang of ten year olds to repossess his fancy wheels. In a ploy to modify the demands of his creditors James Stunt was...[Read More]
6-legendary-lost-treasures-of-world-war-iiArt Theft

6 Legendary Lost Treasures of World War II

AAD REPORTS 19/04/2020War has always brought chaos, and with it an opportunity for pillage and plunder. This was especially true during World War II, when countless pieces of priceless art, artifacts and other treasure were destroyed and spirited away from both Europe and the...[Read More]
vincent-van-gogh-painting-is-stolen-from-dutch-museum-closed-due-to-coronavirusArt Theft

Vincent van Gogh painting is stolen from Dutch museum...

AAD REPORTS 30/03/2020A Vincent van Gogh painting was stolen today in a raid at a Dutch museum which is closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. The Singer Laren museum near Amsterdam said 'Spring Garden' by the Dutch master was stolen in the early hours of this...[Read More]
flash-and-cash-buddies-and-old-master-art-scamsArt Theft

Flash and cash buddies, and Old Master art scams

Dr Susan Grundy 25/03/2020More on retired Boston museum director Malcolm Rogers, disgraced art collector James Stunt and the Prince Charles Dumfries fakes    Fake: false, copy, imitation, mock-up, dummy, dodgy, forged, or in art world parlance “not right” It...[Read More]
count-of-cockney-s-correspondenceArt Theft

Count of Cockney's correspondence

AAD REPORTS 25/03/2020Like to see Christie's try and explain this one away.  It’s a Fugazy! You may also like to read: * More mush from Mould[Read More]
hobby-lobby-shutting-stores-after-letter-claiming-vision-from-godArt Theft

Hobby Lobby shutting stores after letter claiming...

AAD REPORTS 24/03/2020I wonder if the letter from God was signed by the same guy who made the fugazy Dead Sea Scrolls. Arts and crafts giant Hobby Lobby is slowly shutting down stores across the country amid intense criticism about a letter claiming the company boss’s wife...[Read More]
stunts-comebackArt Theft

Stunts comeback

AAD REPORTS 22/03/2020A new set of wheels for the homeless billionaire  You may also like to read: * Cottage door, a reminder for stunt to see a real one[Read More]
criminally-artful-heist-films-to-take-your-mind-off-the-coronavirus-this-weekendArt Theft

Criminally artful heist films to take your mind off...

AAD REPORTS 22/03/2020Maybe Stunt is taking notes? It has been a difficult week for many. In the interest of giving those who need a welcome distraction something to help alleviate the stress, we have collected some of our favourite art heist films over the years. We hope...[Read More]
hobby-lobby-schooled-by-prosArt Theft

Hobby Lobby Schooled by Pros

AAD REPORTS 21/03/2020All of the Museum of the Bible's Dead Sea Scrolls Are Fake, Report Finds Foogazies abound in collection of creationist quacks.  In 2009, Hobby Lobby president Steve Green began acquiring a collection of 16 Dead Sea Scrolls for his Museum of the...[Read More]
paintings-missing-after-nose-candy-man-stunt-booted-from-repo-ed-homeArt Theft

Paintings missing after "Nose Candy Man"...

AAD REPORTS 20/03/2020Some idiots actually loaned him money on his Tetro foo-gazies. Creditors owed millions of pounds by disgraced tycoon James Stunt are urgently hunting for a number of Old Master paintings following his dramatic eviction last week. Read more on...[Read More]
more-mush-from-mouldArt Theft

More mush from Mould

AAD REPORTS 19/03/2020James Stunt’s Fugazi Cottage Door said to be by Gainsborough One of James Stunt’s Fugazi Monet Paintings James Stunt in front of another Fugazi Van Dyck Philip Mould’s Fugazi Van Dyck Self Portrait claimed to be by Peter Lely - likely by Tony...[Read More]
the-dodgy-fakes-and-the-london-liarsArt Theft

The dodgy fakes and the London liars

Dr Susan Grundy 18/03/2020The now you see it, now you don’t, James Stunt “art collection”   Fake: false, copy, imitation, mock-up, dummy, phony, punked, dodgy, forged, or in art world parlance “not right” Left, British bad boy James Stunt Right, London art dealer...[Read More]
isabella-stewart-gardner-museum-the-lost-paintings-revisited-6Art Theft

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Lost Paintings...

AAD REPORTS 18/03/2020Thirty years ago today on March 18 1990, thieves broke into the Gardner Museum and stole 13 works of art yet to be recovered.  Forgotten in the hubub of the Gardner Heist, is what these paintings actallly look like. Decades later we appear no...[Read More]
van-dyck-painting-stolen-from-university-of-oxford-galleryArt Theft

Van Dyck painting stolen from University of Oxford...

AAD REPORTS 15/03/2020How do we know this is not a Stunt? The painting is real. Soldier on horseback by Anthony Van Dyck c1616 A work by 17th century master Anthony Van Dyck is among three "very high value" paintings stolen from a University of Oxford art...[Read More]
the-qtip-and-acetone-testArt Theft

The Qtip and Acetone test

AAD REPORTS 14/03/2020If James Stunt feels so confident that his Fugazi Monet is real, why doesn't he take up our challenge, the acetone and qtip challenge? All he has to do is run along the edge with a qtip dipped in acetone, and the new paint will melt away faster than the...[Read More]
california-stunt-goes-bad-prosecutors-drop-hammer-on-deliberate-misrepresentationArt Theft

California Stunt goes bad. Prosecutors drop hammer on...

AAD REPORTS 14/03/2020California Man Pleads Guilty in $6 Million Art Fraud Case. If only a certain London stuntman would do the same. A California man pleaded guilty in federal court in Florida to charges that he tried to sell more than $6 million in...[Read More]
how-prince-charles-and-his-foundation-were-fooled-by-forged-art-works-and-james-stuntArt Theft

How Prince Charles and His Foundation Were Fooled by...

AAD REPORTS 07/03/2020WHAT do a British former billionaire bullion dealer best known for his turbulent marriage to a motor racing heiress, a notorious forger who makes replicas of great works on his kitchen table in California, a controversial former royal footman, and...[Read More]
follow-the-plunder-receipts-from-credit-suisse-found-and-expose-argentinian-safe-harbor-for-nazisArt Theft

Follow the Plunder, Receipts from Credit Suisse found...

AAD REPORTS 07/03/2020A new document containing the details of 12,000 Nazis who fled to Argentina has been published after it was discovered in an old storage space in Buenos Aires. The US-based Simon Weisenthal Institute, which has been instrumental in tracking down Nazis,...[Read More]
80-of-arts-staff-feel-those-with-controversial-views-risk-ostracismArt Theft

80% of Arts Staff Feel Those with 'Controversial'...

AAD REPORTS 23/02/2020Fear not, while we concede that academia trembles over the infantile opinions of millenial quota picks, here at AAD freedom reigns for now. Read on to learn of p.c. codes of thought and the chilling effect it has in arts management. The Freedom of...[Read More]
philip-falcone-sued-over-alleged-65-8-million-default-warhol-paintingArt Theft

Philip Falcone Sued Over Alleged $65.8 Million...

AAD REPORTS 22/02/2020In a world where fake could be passed off as real this is what cockney conman Stunt aspired to do.  Former Harbinger Capital hedge fund manager Philip Falcone was accused in a New York lawsuit of defaulting on $65.8 million in loans and...[Read More]
the-artist-beneath-the-art-forgerArt Theft

The Artist Beneath the Art Forger

AAD REPORTS 22/02/2020True story of the fairy forger who turned the Modigliani market upside down. ST. PETER, Minn. — Mark Forgy’s home on the outskirts of Minneapolis looks like a museum. Works of art hang floor-to-ceiling. They hang in stairwells, in closets and behind...[Read More]
the-prince-the-flash-and-the-forgerArt Theft

The Prince, the Flash and the Forger

AAD REPORTS 21/02/2020They had arrived at Clarence House, his royal residence in London, in February 2017: a collection that would eventually comprise 17 magnificent works, including pieces by Picasso, Dalí, Monet, and Chagall, that humbled the prince with their power and...[Read More]
shifty-romanian-cleaner-indicted-on-ecclestone-heistArt Theft

Shifty Romanian cleaner indicted on Ecclestone...

AAD REPORTS 07/02/2020Post Brexit, close the borders now A CLEANER charged over a £50million raid on Tamara Ecclestone’s home was wearing £300,000 earrings when held, a court heard yesterday. Maria Mester, 47, allegedly had the 18-carat diamond jewels when police swooped...[Read More]
trial-underway-for-museum-heist-of-one-of-the-world-s-largest-gold-coinsArt Theft

Trial Underway for Museum Heist of one of the World's...

AAD REPORTS 28/01/2020They weighed 220 pounds. No wonder the thieves got caught.   The trial is underway for the theft of one of the largest gold coins in existence. In fact at one point it was the largest one. Mints produce coinage that do represent legal tender, but...[Read More]
grundy-confirmedArt Theft

Grundy confirmed

AAD REPORTS 24/01/2020Dr. Susan Grundy's serious allegations regarding the idiocy of James Stunt can be confirmed by watching this one video of a Talking Prat in front of a spurious brand new fake pretending to be a van Dyck. A painting by the way he responded in obscenities...[Read More]
diary-of-williams-college-professor-who-probed-adolf-hitler-s-looted-art-collection-to-be-unveiledArt Theft

Diary of Williams College professor who probed Adolf...

AAD REPORTS 11/01/2020The National Archives plans to hold a press conference Monday to unveil the personal diary of S. Lane Faison Jr., a highly respected Williams College professor and art historian who documented Adolf Hitler’s looted art collection. The diary was donated...[Read More]
london-gallery-reveals-two-rembrandt-masterpieces-that-were-nearly-stolenArt Theft

London gallery reveals two Rembrandt masterpieces that...

AAD REPORTS 04/01/2020The two masterpieces by Rembrandt which were almost stolen in an audacious heist last year have been revealed by the gallery. The 17th century artworks worth up to £100million were snatched by a daring thief in a midnight raid in November before being...[Read More]
collectors-who-lent-two-dozen-allegedly-fake-artworks-to-a-major-museum-have-been-arrestedArt Theft

Collectors Who Lent Two Dozen Allegedly Fake Artworks...

AAD REPORTS 04/01/2020What is lower than a bent cockney? Answer: Russian criminals. In a move sure to shake the shady soul of James Stunt, the Collectors Who Lent Two Dozen Allegedly Fake Artworks to a Major Belgian Museum Have Been Arrested.   The fallout from...[Read More]
dialogue-with-a-wanna-be-dilettanteArt Theft

Dialogue with a wanna be Dilettante

AAD REPORTS 04/01/2020Sent and received on Tuesday 31st December 2019 Sent after receiving a call on Tuesday 31st December 2019  REAL DILETTANTES HAVE WEALTH, ABUSIVE FRAUDS DO NOT You may also like to read: * Stunt and his alleged forgeries - The grand tour...[Read More]
how-stunt-begged-for-his-allowanceArt Theft

How Stunt begged for his allowance

AAD REPORTS 03/01/2020Before he became besotted with mind altering substances such as valium, one presumes Stunt made a good impression on his super rich father in law. Here is how we imagine him asking for his allowance.....  You may also like to read: * Bank...[Read More]
stunts-stunt-explainedArt Theft

Stunt's stunt explained

AAD REPORTS 01/01/2020Follow Alex Boyle on Instagram @ralexanderboyle You may also like to read: * Fraud Stunt sheds Crocodile Tears[Read More]
musings-from-the-dark-continentArt Theft

Musings from the Dark Continent

AAD REPORTS 31/12/2019Bwana Stunt pretending to be a diplomat Knight of the Oompah Loompahs - More like a mug shot than a passport photo for an accredited diplomat from crooked tribal oompah loompah land  You may also like to read: * Stunt and his alleged...[Read More]
how-to-pronounceArt Theft

How to pronounce

AAD REPORTS 31/12/2019 You may also like to read: * The Gift that keeps on giving: Daily Mail documents what AAD knew, James Stunt stuck his fugazies at Dumfries House to use as fraudulent collateral  [Read More]
caravaggioArt Theft


AAD REPORTS 17/12/2019Lost and still not found, a work likely pilfered by the Sicilian mafia. The Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence (also known as The Adoration) is a painting created in 1609 by the Italian Baroque master Caravaggio.   The Nativity...[Read More]
the-rabbi-jewelry-score-inside-the-mind-of-a-professional-jewelry-thiefArt Theft

The Rabbi Jewelry Score: Inside The Mind Of A...

Dr Fungi 17/12/2019De les dossiers de criminalité organisée: Most of the jewelers in the Diamond Center (47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue) are all Hasidic Jews, or Hasidem. I personally respect all religions; however, although I deeply respect Judaism, I find the...[Read More]
bernie-ecclestone-50m-jewellery-raid-possibly-an-inside-jobArt Theft

Bernie Ecclestone: £50m jewellery raid possibly an...

AAD REPORTS 16/12/2019With the exception of a former grifter son in law, nobody ever said Bernie Ecclestone was stupid. Odds are Bernie has a very good handle on whom the suspect might be. His dad's fighters would be well advised to conceal over the top purchases going...[Read More]
the-gift-that-keeps-on-giving-daily-mail-documents-what-aad-knew-james-stunt-stuck-his-fugazies-at-dumfries-house-to-use-as-fraudulent-collateralArt Theft

The Gift that keeps on giving: Daily Mail documents...

AAD REPORTS 08/12/2019Exposed:   How James Stunt used the fake art he lent to Prince Charles to try to borrow millions of dollars. Moral of the story, abusing the crown invites Mi5 investigations. Signing paperwork with intent to commit fraud carries jail time....[Read More]
stunts-latest-motorcadeArt Theft

Stunt's latest motorcade

AAD REPORTS 06/12/2019Alert Sothebys-RM   You may also like to read: * Bank fraud scheme to substitute for allowance being cut off * Stunt Calls Bernie Ecclestone An Evil Dwarf * Mould client stunt in the news[Read More]
bank-fraud-scheme-to-substitute-for-allowance-being-cut-offArt Theft

Bank fraud scheme to substitute for allowance being...

AAD REPORTS 05/12/2019Stunt Monet Spurious Fugazy used in bank loan fraud scheme You may also like to read: * Stunt attempted to borrow against his Fugazies[Read More]
more-on-stunts-fugazy-picassoArt Theft

More on Stunt's Fugazy Picasso

AAD REPORTS 04/12/2019Original in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Tetro fugazy next to the crooked little boy who wants his allowance back from Bernie and Petra. He promises not to play "hoover" vacuum cleaner anymore. Met Picasso head of a woman - learn more,...[Read More]
dr-funghi-livesArt Theft

Inside the mind of a Prat

AAD REPORTS 03/12/2019Inside the mind of the Prat. What the Fugazy Merchant really thinks. I.e. He wants his allowance back.     Fake Chagall painted by Tetro Scene of the crime - Dumfries House   The now infamous Stunt fugazi...[Read More]
more-stunt-actionArt Theft

More Stunt Action

AAD REPORTS 03/12/2019 You may also like to read: * Stunt and his alleged forgeries - The grand tour courtesy the kids' own instagram page * Remembering when James Stunt sold his Old Masters * Two Cottage Doors[Read More]
james-stunt-tried-to-sell-20million-monet-that-turned-out-to-be-a-fakeArt Theft

James Stunt tried to sell £20million Monet that turned...

AAD REPORTS 30/11/2019James Stunt tried to sell a Monet for £20million that turned out to be a fake – just days before The Mail on Sunday revealed allegations that the bankrupt businessman had lent counterfeit works to the Prince of Wales. Television art expert Ian Towning,...[Read More]
stunt-attempted-to-borrow-against-his-fugaziesArt Theft

Stunt attempted to borrow against his Fugazies

AAD REPORTS 29/11/2019Bankrupt 'playboy' James Stunt attempted to borrow £104m against works of art claimed to be forgeries. The former husband of heiress Petra Ecclestone owes £5m in debt including an unpaid sum of £3.9m to Christie's.  James Stunt, the former...[Read More]
james-stunt-skewered-by-petra-ecclestone-the-ex-wife-who-has-finally-had-enoughArt Theft

James Stunt skewered by Petra Ecclestone, the ex-wife...

AAD REPORTS 25/11/2019Would be con of Kings to come finally called out for the faker he really is as James Stunt gets skewered by Petra Ecclestone, the ex-wife who has finally had enough. Normally gold diggers should know when to shut up. Apparently not so...[Read More]
priceless-rembrandts-recovered-in-undergrowth-after-raid-at-london-galleryArt Theft

Priceless Rembrandts recovered in undergrowth after...

AAD REPORTS 21/11/2019Two priceless Rembrandt paintings are feared damaged after they were found dumped in the soaking, muddy undergrowth following a heist from a south London art gallery. Police were continuing to hunt the brazen thief, who is thought to have targeted...[Read More]
remembering-when-james-stunt-sold-his-old-masters-2Art Theft

Remembering when James Stunt sold his Old Masters

AAD REPORTS 20/11/2019Is Christie's worried about these? If not they should be given Stunt's attempt to make the crown Prince an accessory to commit fraud.   An exquisite collection with an Ecclestone connection. The James Stunt sell-off continues at Christie’s this...[Read More]
remembering-when-james-stunt-sold-his-old-mastersArt Theft

Remembering when James Stunt sold his Old Masters

AAD REPORTS 18/11/2019Is Christie's worried about these? If not they should be given Stunt's attempt to make the crown Prince an accessory to commit fraud.   An exquisite collection with an Ecclestone connection. The James Stunt sell-off continues at Christie’s this...[Read More]
car-crash-andrew-s-continuing-nightmareArt Theft

Car Crash Andrew's continuing nightmare

AAD REPORTS 17/11/2019Post car crash interview, it appears no rest possible for tainted royal; the same federal investigators who want to interview the sweaty sire have now offered a plea deal to at least one of the disgraced turnkeys of the federal lock-up in downtown...[Read More]
the-prince-scandal-that-doesnt-go-awayArt Theft

The Prince scandal that doesn’t go away

AAD REPORTS 13/11/2019How curious is it that the tabloids overlook the Prince Andrew and Epstein didn't kill himself in favour of pounding on Charles. Perhaps it is because the media knew Stunt was a low life who peddled blatant forgeries, actually, that was our story in...[Read More]
elaborate-plot-to-prove-dali-painting-that-belonged-to-james-stunt-was-realArt Theft

Elaborate plot to prove Dali painting that belonged to...

AAD REPORTS 11/11/2019Someday imbecilic millenial lowlifes like James Stunt might figure out that the most forged artist in recent memory was Salvador Dali so dealers with oxygen in the blood to feed even a dormant brain will always be wary of any so called Dali.   It...[Read More]
prince-charles-hit-by-one-of-the-most-incredible-art-hoaxes-in-royal-historyArt Theft

Prince Charles Hit by One of the Most Incredible Art...

AAD REPORTS 06/11/2019Despite the claims in this People Magazine article on Stunt's collection of brand new fakie-doo's, there is not a chance that the Wildenstein Institute of Paris would have authenticated a spurious 1882 quasi copy of a what aspires to be a 1915 Lily pad...[Read More]
how-a-wild-136-million-art-fraud-connects-to-prince-charles-inbox-xArt Theft

How a Wild $136 Million Art Fraud Connects to Prince...

AAD REPORTS 05/11/2019VANITY FAIR TOO What does Britain's National Gallery, the Tate Modern and Dumfries House all have in common? Why, priceless original works of art by the great mast-- oh, wait, strike that last one. Dumfries House, a home, garden and estate in Scotland...[Read More]
fraud-stunt-sheds-crocodile-tearsArt Theft

Fraud Stunt sheds Crocodile Tears

AAD REPORTS 05/11/2019Playboy tycoon James Stunt yesterday apologised to his ‘friend’ Prince Charles over astonishing allegations that a £50million Monet he loaned to the prince was a fake. The bankrupt gold bullion dealer allegedly agreed to lend a number of artworks to the...[Read More]
billionaire-playboy-james-stunt-victim-of-record-breaking-90m-raid-notArt Theft

Billionaire playboy James Stunt victim of...

AAD REPORTS 04/11/2019First off, Stunt was never a billionaire and the only one in proximity to him was his father in law. That was the goose who laid golden eggs. Second In light of Stunt getting caught in his efforts to make Prince Charles an accessory to potential fraud...[Read More]
prince-charles-hit-by-a-major-counterfeit-105m-art-scandal-2Art Theft

Prince Charles hit by a major counterfeit £105m art...

AAD REPORTS 03/11/2019The alleged Monet below dated from 1882 should have been dated to around 1912. The water lilies the forger copied are from very late in the artist's life, indeed, Monet was near blind from cataracts.   An American forger says he, not Claude...[Read More]
man-walks-out-of-san-francisco-art-gallery-with-salvador-dali-painting-worth-20kArt Theft

Man walks out of San Francisco art gallery with...

AAD REPORTS 16/10/2019"Surrealistic Bullfight: Burning Giraffe" by Salvador Dali. A suspect who carried a $20,000 Salvador Dali painting out of a San Francisco art gallery while it was open and the director was present is being sought by police. The painting, titled...[Read More]
artnet-attended-a-floating-fugazy-art-auction-on-a-royal-caribbean-cruise-ship-it-was-unusualArt Theft

Artnet attended a floating fugazy Art Auction on a...

AAD REPORTS 21/08/2019Floating fugazies hawked at spurious auction on Royal Caribbean. Does this make the cruise line an accesory to fraud, or do they think they can skirt the law by pushing fakes twelve miles offshore, seemingly beyond the longarms of Uncle Sam? Perhaps...[Read More]
otto-krebs-collectionArt Theft

Otto Krebs Collection: Spoils of War or Plunder in...

AAD REPORTS 02/08/2019Spring 1945 brought warm weather to the allied armies providing surer traction in the foot race to the last redoubt of the Nazi Reich. The rabid wolf of the Nazis was about to get put down, the question was, by who? To the east lay the massive Soviet...[Read More]
angela-merkel-seen-shaking-for-second-time-in-weeksArt Theft

Angela Merkel seen shaking for second time in...

AAD REPORTS 27/06/2019Guilty conscience perhaps for shutting down access to the stolen art archives of the Stasi records office. To read more on...[Read More]
radioactivity-dating-will-uncover-art-forgeriesArt Theft

Radioactivity Dating Will Uncover Art Forgeries

AAD REPORTS 25/06/2019The key to this technique in separating who was naughty from who was nice are the background contaminants of the atomic era. At a molecular level the background radiation of 1945-1963 presents a problem for works alleged to be of an earlier era when...[Read More]
knoedlers-once-and-for-alltheArt Theft

Knoedlers once and for all

AAD REPORTS 23/06/2019The Feds may move slow but they never forget, especially a fraudster.   In Manhattan Federal Court, there’s a trial taking place that has highlighted just how murky the business of art authentication has become. After suddenly closing in 2011 in...[Read More]
mass-theft-of-art-from-east-german-citizens-revealed-in-new-reportArt Theft

Mass theft of art from East German citizens revealed...

AAD REPORTS 15/06/2019We now know from sources in the United States intell community that Chancellor Merkel was in the Stasi, but was she in on this art plunder as well or just the closure of the archives?   A pilot project to assess the scale of art looting from...[Read More]
why-is-fbi-still-in-the-dark-29-years-after-the-biggest-art-heist-in-us-historyArt Theft

Why is FBI Still in the Dark 29 Years After the...

AAD REPORTS 23/05/2019Russian speculation on the Gardner Heist. Strange that the mouthpiece of the mafia state of Russia points the finger at the IRA instead of La Cosa Nostra, but as the nerve gas death in Salisbury last spring showed, Russia would rather poison any British...[Read More]
isabella-stewart-gardner-museum-the-lost-paintings-revisited-3Art Theft

Museum Increases Reward in Art Theft

AAD REPORTS 04/05/2019  The board of trustees of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston has doubled the reward to $10 million for the recovery of 13 masterpieces stolen nearly three decades ago in the largest art heist in American history, the museum said...[Read More]
a-stolen-paul-signac-painting-recovered-in-ukraineArt Theft

A Stolen Paul Signac Painting Recovered in Ukraine

AAD REPORTS 29/04/2019Unlike its nefarious sticky fingered neighbor to the East, the Ukraine appears ready to join the adults in the room. The Port of La Rochelle, an oil on canvas by Paul Signac, was recovered by the Ukrainian authorities in Kiev on Tuesday, April 23,...[Read More]
hatton-garden-jewelry-heist-explained-eight-bad-grandpas-go-for-one-last-scoreArt Theft

Hatton Garden Jewelry Heist explained: Eight bad...

AAD REPORTS 28/04/2019Hatton Garden Heist explained: How eight bad grandpas pulled off a $20 million jewel heist. Only the old guys remembered the hole on the wall approach. Some senior citizens with too much time on their hands pick up bocce or dominoes as a...[Read More]
merkel-shields-nazi-plunderArt Theft

Merkel shields Nazi plunder

AAD REPORTS 14/04/2019Nazi's plundered Uffizi Museum. Decades later German collector still clutch the work as Merkel shields Nazi plunder. Angela Merkel Shields Nazi Plunder Vase of Flowers is an 18th Century oil painting by the Dutch master Jan van Huysum, stolen by...[Read More]
a-40-carat-diamond-ring-with-ties-to-the-french-royal-family-was-just-recovered-by-police-in-parisArt Theft

A 40-Carat Diamond Ring with Ties to the French Royal...

AAD REPORTS 09/04/2019This is rare, usually when things get stolen in France they tend to stay stolen. French police have recovered a historic 40-carat diamond ring that was stolen last week. The Paris newspaper Le Parisien reported that the piece of jewelry, which belongs...[Read More]
disgraced-charleston-dealer-on-the-run-2Art Theft

More Charleston Con

AAD REPORTS 27/03/2019   Disgraced Charleston Dealer On The Run? Come And Get Me Uncle Sam Perhaps the multiple court appointments wearied the disgraced Charleston art dealer, so it appears in search of sunnier climes she skipped town and headed south of the...[Read More]
stolen-picassoArt Theft

Stolen Picasso

AAD REPORTS 26/03/2019Picasso recovered, or so he says... AMSTERDAM — A Dutch art detective said he has recovered a valuable painting by Pablo Picasso 20 years after it was stolen from a wealthy Saudi’s yacht in France. Arthur Brand said Tuesday he took possession two...[Read More]
who-did-the-gardiner-heist-did-the-canary-finally-sing-2Art Theft

Who Did The Gardner Heist & Did The Canary Finally...

AAD REPORTS 19/03/2019Police Sketches of Gardner Heist Robbers In 1998 a number of people were arrested for conspiring to rob on an armored vehicle in the suburbs of Boston. In 2002 a judge hammered each of the defendants with 40 years behind bars for a job they never got a...[Read More]
man-walks-out-of-art-gallery-with-famous-painting-in-broad-daylightArt Theft

Man walks out of art gallery with famous painting in...

AAD REPORTS 28/01/2019As Russians say it best in a few words when using broken English "Is theft". A man has been arrested after a Russian painting was stolen during the day at the famous Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Watch the video and read more on The...[Read More]
the-woodshed-art-auction-scamArt Theft

Right vs Wrong in illustration

Elliot Lee 05/01/2019Recently brought to our attention, was a sale of art on an auction platform called Live Auctioneers.  As a brief, this is one of the online auction platforms that has a cross section of merchandise for sale, and in general terms, seems to provide a...[Read More]
painting-looted-during-wwii-recovered-in-connecticut-returning-to-ukraineArt Theft

Painting looted during WWII recovered in Connecticut,...

AAD REPORTS 26/12/2018FBI officials took custody of the painting and traced it to the Swiss man who sold the Ridgefield home in 1962. Officials didn't release his name but said he moved to the U.S. in 1946 after serving in the Swiss Army. He died in 1986. Gabby Tracy said...[Read More]
a-yacht-a-monet-a-see-through-piano-the-u-s-collects-on-a-fugitive-s-shopping-spreeArt Theft

A Yacht, a Monet, a See-Through Piano: The U.S....

AAD REPORTS 10/12/2018The van Gogh and the Monet are safely in storage in Switzerland. The Oscar that once belonged to Marlon Brando is in a federal warehouse in Texas. Those were easy enough to corral. But when the $250 million yacht was finally captured in Bali, the...[Read More]
how-a-charming-art-dealer-became-a-wanted-fraudsterArt Theft

How a charming art dealer became a wanted...

AAD REPORTS 02/12/2018Featuring Gerry Peters spin off Baird Ryan By most indications, Ezra Chowaiki ranked among New York City’s top art dealers. From 2004 to 2017, his eponymous gallery on Park Avenue showed work by artists such as ­Degas, Picasso and Calder. He dealt to...[Read More]
otto-krebs-collection-4Art Theft

Die Otto-Krebs-Sammlung: Kriegsbeute oder...

AAD REPORTS 26/11/2018Das warme Wetter des Frühlings 1945 bescherte den alliierten Armeen bessere Bedingungen im Wettlauf zur letzten Schanze des Nazireichs. Der tollwütige Wolf Nazideutschlands würde endlich den Gnadenstoß erhalten, die Frage war nur, von wem? Nördlich und...[Read More]