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grundy-confirmedArt Theft

Grundy confirmed

AAD REPORTS 24/01/2020Dr. Susan Grundy's serious allegations regarding the idiocy of James Stunt can be confirmed by watching this one video of a Talking Prat in front of a spurious brand new fake pretending to be a van Dyck. A painting by the way he responded in obscenities...[Read More]
diary-of-williams-college-professor-who-probed-adolf-hitler-s-looted-art-collection-to-be-unveiledArt Theft

Diary of Williams College professor who probed Adolf...

AAD REPORTS 11/01/2020The National Archives plans to hold a press conference Monday to unveil the personal diary of S. Lane Faison Jr., a highly respected Williams College professor and art historian who documented Adolf Hitler’s looted art collection. The diary was donated...[Read More]
london-gallery-reveals-two-rembrandt-masterpieces-that-were-nearly-stolenArt Theft

London gallery reveals two Rembrandt masterpieces that...

AAD REPORTS 04/01/2020The two masterpieces by Rembrandt which were almost stolen in an audacious heist last year have been revealed by the gallery. The 17th century artworks worth up to £100million were snatched by a daring thief in a midnight raid in November before being...[Read More]
collectors-who-lent-two-dozen-allegedly-fake-artworks-to-a-major-museum-have-been-arrestedArt Theft

Collectors Who Lent Two Dozen Allegedly Fake Artworks...

AAD REPORTS 04/01/2020What is lower than a bent cockney? Answer: Russian criminals. In a move sure to shake the shady soul of James Stunt, the Collectors Who Lent Two Dozen Allegedly Fake Artworks to a Major Belgian Museum Have Been Arrested.   The fallout from...[Read More]
dialogue-with-a-wanna-be-dilettanteArt Theft

Dialogue with a wanna be Dilettante

AAD REPORTS 04/01/2020Sent and received on Tuesday 31st December 2019 Sent after receiving a call on Tuesday 31st December 2019  REAL DILETTANTES HAVE WEALTH, ABUSIVE FRAUDS DO NOT You may also like to read: * Stunt and his alleged forgeries - The grand tour...[Read More]
how-stunt-begged-for-his-allowanceArt Theft

How Stunt begged for his allowance

AAD REPORTS 03/01/2020Before he became besotted with mind altering substances such as valium, one presumes Stunt made a good impression on his super rich father in law. Here is how we imagine him asking for his allowance.....  You may also like to read: * Bank...[Read More]
stunts-stunt-explainedArt Theft

Stunt's stunt explained

AAD REPORTS 01/01/2020Follow Alex Boyle on Instagram @ralexanderboyle You may also like to read: * Fraud Stunt sheds Crocodile Tears[Read More]
musings-from-the-dark-continentArt Theft

Musings from the Dark Continent

AAD REPORTS 31/12/2019Bwana Stunt pretending to be a diplomat Knight of the Oompah Loompahs - More like a mug shot than a passport photo for an accredited diplomat from crooked tribal oompah loompah land  You may also like to read: * Stunt and his alleged...[Read More]
how-to-pronounceArt Theft

How to pronounce

AAD REPORTS 31/12/2019 You may also like to read: * The Gift that keeps on giving: Daily Mail documents what AAD knew, James Stunt stuck his fugazies at Dumfries House to use as fraudulent collateral  [Read More]
caravaggioArt Theft


AAD REPORTS 17/12/2019Lost and still not found, a work likely pilfered by the Sicilian mafia. The Nativity with St. Francis and St. Lawrence (also known as The Adoration) is a painting created in 1609 by the Italian Baroque master Caravaggio.   The Nativity...[Read More]
the-rabbi-jewelry-score-inside-the-mind-of-a-professional-jewelry-thiefArt Theft

The Rabbi Jewelry Score: Inside The Mind Of A...

Dr Fungi 17/12/2019De les dossiers de criminalité organisée: Most of the jewelers in the Diamond Center (47th Street between 5th and 6th Avenue) are all Hasidic Jews, or Hasidem. I personally respect all religions; however, although I deeply respect Judaism, I find the...[Read More]
bernie-ecclestone-50m-jewellery-raid-possibly-an-inside-jobArt Theft

Bernie Ecclestone: £50m jewellery raid possibly an...

AAD REPORTS 16/12/2019With the exception of a former grifter son in law, nobody ever said Bernie Ecclestone was stupid. Odds are Bernie has a very good handle on whom the suspect might be. His dad's fighters would be well advised to conceal over the top purchases going...[Read More]
the-gift-that-keeps-on-giving-daily-mail-documents-what-aad-knew-james-stunt-stuck-his-fugazies-at-dumfries-house-to-use-as-fraudulent-collateralArt Theft

The Gift that keeps on giving: Daily Mail documents...

AAD REPORTS 08/12/2019Exposed:   How James Stunt used the fake art he lent to Prince Charles to try to borrow millions of dollars. Moral of the story, abusing the crown invites Mi5 investigations. Signing paperwork with intent to commit fraud carries jail time....[Read More]
stunts-latest-motorcadeArt Theft

Stunt's latest motorcade

AAD REPORTS 06/12/2019Alert Sothebys-RM   You may also like to read: * Bank fraud scheme to substitute for allowance being cut off * Stunt Calls Bernie Ecclestone An Evil Dwarf * Mould client stunt in the news[Read More]
bank-fraud-scheme-to-substitute-for-allowance-being-cut-offArt Theft

Bank fraud scheme to substitute for allowance being...

AAD REPORTS 05/12/2019Stunt Monet Spurious Fugazy used in bank loan fraud scheme You may also like to read: * Stunt attempted to borrow against his Fugazies[Read More]
more-on-stunts-fugazy-picassoArt Theft

More on Stunt's Fugazy Picasso

AAD REPORTS 04/12/2019Original in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Tetro fugazy next to the crooked little boy who wants his allowance back from Bernie and Petra. He promises not to play "hoover" vacuum cleaner anymore. Met Picasso head of a woman - learn more,...[Read More]
dr-funghi-livesArt Theft

Inside the mind of a Prat

AAD REPORTS 03/12/2019Inside the mind of the Prat. What the Fugazy Merchant really thinks. I.e. He wants his allowance back.     Fake Chagall painted by Tetro Scene of the crime - Dumfries House   The now infamous Stunt fugazi...[Read More]
more-stunt-actionArt Theft

More Stunt Action

AAD REPORTS 03/12/2019 You may also like to read: * Stunt and his alleged forgeries - The grand tour courtesy the kids' own instagram page * Remembering when James Stunt sold his Old Masters * Two Cottage Doors[Read More]
james-stunt-tried-to-sell-20million-monet-that-turned-out-to-be-a-fakeArt Theft

James Stunt tried to sell £20million Monet that turned...

AAD REPORTS 30/11/2019James Stunt tried to sell a Monet for £20million that turned out to be a fake – just days before The Mail on Sunday revealed allegations that the bankrupt businessman had lent counterfeit works to the Prince of Wales. Television art expert Ian Towning,...[Read More]
stunt-attempted-to-borrow-against-his-fugaziesArt Theft

Stunt attempted to borrow against his Fugazies

AAD REPORTS 29/11/2019Bankrupt 'playboy' James Stunt attempted to borrow £104m against works of art claimed to be forgeries. The former husband of heiress Petra Ecclestone owes £5m in debt including an unpaid sum of £3.9m to Christie's.  James Stunt, the former...[Read More]
james-stunt-skewered-by-petra-ecclestone-the-ex-wife-who-has-finally-had-enoughArt Theft

James Stunt skewered by Petra Ecclestone, the ex-wife...

AAD REPORTS 25/11/2019Would be con of Kings to come finally called out for the faker he really is as James Stunt gets skewered by Petra Ecclestone, the ex-wife who has finally had enough. Normally gold diggers should know when to shut up. Apparently not so...[Read More]
priceless-rembrandts-recovered-in-undergrowth-after-raid-at-london-galleryArt Theft

Priceless Rembrandts recovered in undergrowth after...

AAD REPORTS 21/11/2019Two priceless Rembrandt paintings are feared damaged after they were found dumped in the soaking, muddy undergrowth following a heist from a south London art gallery. Police were continuing to hunt the brazen thief, who is thought to have targeted...[Read More]
remembering-when-james-stunt-sold-his-old-masters-2Art Theft

Remembering when James Stunt sold his Old Masters

AAD REPORTS 20/11/2019Is Christie's worried about these? If not they should be given Stunt's attempt to make the crown Prince an accessory to commit fraud.   An exquisite collection with an Ecclestone connection. The James Stunt sell-off continues at Christie’s this...[Read More]
remembering-when-james-stunt-sold-his-old-mastersArt Theft

Remembering when James Stunt sold his Old Masters

AAD REPORTS 18/11/2019Is Christie's worried about these? If not they should be given Stunt's attempt to make the crown Prince an accessory to commit fraud.   An exquisite collection with an Ecclestone connection. The James Stunt sell-off continues at Christie’s this...[Read More]
car-crash-andrew-s-continuing-nightmareArt Theft

Car Crash Andrew's continuing nightmare

AAD REPORTS 17/11/2019Post car crash interview, it appears no rest possible for tainted royal; the same federal investigators who want to interview the sweaty sire have now offered a plea deal to at least one of the disgraced turnkeys of the federal lock-up in downtown...[Read More]
the-prince-scandal-that-doesnt-go-awayArt Theft

The Prince scandal that doesn’t go away

AAD REPORTS 13/11/2019How curious is it that the tabloids overlook the Prince Andrew and Epstein didn't kill himself in favour of pounding on Charles. Perhaps it is because the media knew Stunt was a low life who peddled blatant forgeries, actually, that was our story in...[Read More]
elaborate-plot-to-prove-dali-painting-that-belonged-to-james-stunt-was-realArt Theft

Elaborate plot to prove Dali painting that belonged to...

AAD REPORTS 11/11/2019Someday imbecilic millenial lowlifes like James Stunt might figure out that the most forged artist in recent memory was Salvador Dali so dealers with oxygen in the blood to feed even a dormant brain will always be wary of any so called Dali.   It...[Read More]
prince-charles-hit-by-one-of-the-most-incredible-art-hoaxes-in-royal-historyArt Theft

Prince Charles Hit by One of the Most Incredible Art...

AAD REPORTS 06/11/2019Despite the claims in this People Magazine article on Stunt's collection of brand new fakie-doo's, there is not a chance that the Wildenstein Institute of Paris would have authenticated a spurious 1882 quasi copy of a what aspires to be a 1915 Lily pad...[Read More]
how-a-wild-136-million-art-fraud-connects-to-prince-charles-inbox-xArt Theft

How a Wild $136 Million Art Fraud Connects to Prince...

AAD REPORTS 05/11/2019VANITY FAIR TOO What does Britain's National Gallery, the Tate Modern and Dumfries House all have in common? Why, priceless original works of art by the great mast-- oh, wait, strike that last one. Dumfries House, a home, garden and estate in Scotland...[Read More]
fraud-stunt-sheds-crocodile-tearsArt Theft

Fraud Stunt sheds Crocodile Tears

AAD REPORTS 05/11/2019Playboy tycoon James Stunt yesterday apologised to his ‘friend’ Prince Charles over astonishing allegations that a £50million Monet he loaned to the prince was a fake. The bankrupt gold bullion dealer allegedly agreed to lend a number of artworks to the...[Read More]
billionaire-playboy-james-stunt-victim-of-record-breaking-90m-raid-notArt Theft

Billionaire playboy James Stunt victim of...

AAD REPORTS 04/11/2019First off, Stunt was never a billionaire and the only one in proximity to him was his father in law. That was the goose who laid golden eggs. Second In light of Stunt getting caught in his efforts to make Prince Charles an accessory to potential fraud...[Read More]
prince-charles-hit-by-a-major-counterfeit-105m-art-scandal-2Art Theft

Prince Charles hit by a major counterfeit £105m art...

AAD REPORTS 03/11/2019The alleged Monet below dated from 1882 should have been dated to around 1912. The water lilies the forger copied are from very late in the artist's life, indeed, Monet was near blind from cataracts.   An American forger says he, not Claude...[Read More]
man-walks-out-of-san-francisco-art-gallery-with-salvador-dali-painting-worth-20kArt Theft

Man walks out of San Francisco art gallery with...

AAD REPORTS 16/10/2019"Surrealistic Bullfight: Burning Giraffe" by Salvador Dali. A suspect who carried a $20,000 Salvador Dali painting out of a San Francisco art gallery while it was open and the director was present is being sought by police. The painting, titled...[Read More]
artnet-attended-a-floating-fugazy-art-auction-on-a-royal-caribbean-cruise-ship-it-was-unusualArt Theft

Artnet attended a floating fugazy Art Auction on a...

AAD REPORTS 21/08/2019Floating fugazies hawked at spurious auction on Royal Caribbean. Does this make the cruise line an accesory to fraud, or do they think they can skirt the law by pushing fakes twelve miles offshore, seemingly beyond the longarms of Uncle Sam? Perhaps...[Read More]
otto-krebs-collectionArt Theft

Otto Krebs Collection: Spoils of War or Plunder in...

AAD REPORTS 02/08/2019Spring 1945 brought warm weather to the allied armies providing surer traction in the foot race to the last redoubt of the Nazi Reich. The rabid wolf of the Nazis was about to get put down, the question was, by who? To the east lay the massive Soviet...[Read More]
angela-merkel-seen-shaking-for-second-time-in-weeksArt Theft

Angela Merkel seen shaking for second time in...

AAD REPORTS 27/06/2019Guilty conscience perhaps for shutting down access to the stolen art archives of the Stasi records office. To read more on...[Read More]
radioactivity-dating-will-uncover-art-forgeriesArt Theft

Radioactivity Dating Will Uncover Art Forgeries

AAD REPORTS 25/06/2019The key to this technique in separating who was naughty from who was nice are the background contaminants of the atomic era. At a molecular level the background radiation of 1945-1963 presents a problem for works alleged to be of an earlier era when...[Read More]
knoedlers-once-and-for-alltheArt Theft

Knoedlers once and for all

AAD REPORTS 23/06/2019The Feds may move slow but they never forget, especially a fraudster.   In Manhattan Federal Court, there’s a trial taking place that has highlighted just how murky the business of art authentication has become. After suddenly closing in 2011 in...[Read More]
mass-theft-of-art-from-east-german-citizens-revealed-in-new-reportArt Theft

Mass theft of art from East German citizens revealed...

AAD REPORTS 15/06/2019We now know from sources in the United States intell community that Chancellor Merkel was in the Stasi, but was she in on this art plunder as well or just the closure of the archives?   A pilot project to assess the scale of art looting from...[Read More]
why-is-fbi-still-in-the-dark-29-years-after-the-biggest-art-heist-in-us-historyArt Theft

Why is FBI Still in the Dark 29 Years After the...

AAD REPORTS 23/05/2019Russian speculation on the Gardner Heist. Strange that the mouthpiece of the mafia state of Russia points the finger at the IRA instead of La Cosa Nostra, but as the nerve gas death in Salisbury last spring showed, Russia would rather poison any British...[Read More]
isabella-stewart-gardner-museum-the-lost-paintings-revisited-3Art Theft

Museum Increases Reward in Art Theft

AAD REPORTS 04/05/2019  The board of trustees of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston has doubled the reward to $10 million for the recovery of 13 masterpieces stolen nearly three decades ago in the largest art heist in American history, the museum said...[Read More]
a-stolen-paul-signac-painting-recovered-in-ukraineArt Theft

A Stolen Paul Signac Painting Recovered in Ukraine

AAD REPORTS 29/04/2019Unlike its nefarious sticky fingered neighbor to the East, the Ukraine appears ready to join the adults in the room. The Port of La Rochelle, an oil on canvas by Paul Signac, was recovered by the Ukrainian authorities in Kiev on Tuesday, April 23,...[Read More]
hatton-garden-jewelry-heist-explained-eight-bad-grandpas-go-for-one-last-scoreArt Theft

Hatton Garden Jewelry Heist explained: Eight bad...

AAD REPORTS 28/04/2019Hatton Garden Heist explained: How eight bad grandpas pulled off a $20 million jewel heist. Only the old guys remembered the hole on the wall approach. Some senior citizens with too much time on their hands pick up bocce or dominoes as a...[Read More]
merkel-shields-nazi-plunderArt Theft

Merkel shields Nazi plunder

AAD REPORTS 14/04/2019Nazi's plundered Uffizi Museum. Decades later German collector still clutch the work as Merkel shields Nazi plunder. Angela Merkel Shields Nazi Plunder Vase of Flowers is an 18th Century oil painting by the Dutch master Jan van Huysum, stolen by...[Read More]
a-40-carat-diamond-ring-with-ties-to-the-french-royal-family-was-just-recovered-by-police-in-parisArt Theft

A 40-Carat Diamond Ring with Ties to the French Royal...

AAD REPORTS 09/04/2019This is rare, usually when things get stolen in France they tend to stay stolen. French police have recovered a historic 40-carat diamond ring that was stolen last week. The Paris newspaper Le Parisien reported that the piece of jewelry, which belongs...[Read More]
disgraced-charleston-dealer-on-the-run-2Art Theft

More Charleston Con

AAD REPORTS 27/03/2019   Disgraced Charleston Dealer On The Run? Come And Get Me Uncle Sam Perhaps the multiple court appointments wearied the disgraced Charleston art dealer, so it appears in search of sunnier climes she skipped town and headed south of the...[Read More]
stolen-picassoArt Theft

Stolen Picasso

AAD REPORTS 26/03/2019Picasso recovered, or so he says... AMSTERDAM — A Dutch art detective said he has recovered a valuable painting by Pablo Picasso 20 years after it was stolen from a wealthy Saudi’s yacht in France. Arthur Brand said Tuesday he took possession two...[Read More]
who-did-the-gardiner-heist-did-the-canary-finally-sing-2Art Theft

Who Did The Gardner Heist & Did The Canary Finally...

AAD REPORTS 19/03/2019Police Sketches of Gardner Heist Robbers In 1998 a number of people were arrested for conspiring to rob on an armored vehicle in the suburbs of Boston. In 2002 a judge hammered each of the defendants with 40 years behind bars for a job they never got a...[Read More]
isabella-stewart-gardner-museum-the-lost-paintings-revisitedArt Theft

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Lost Paintings...

AAD REPORTS 18/03/2019On March 18 1990, thieves broke into the Gardner Museum and stole 13 works of art yet to be recovered.  Forgotten in the hubub of the Gardner Heist, is what these paintings actallly look like. Decades later we appear no closer to the recovery of...[Read More]
man-walks-out-of-art-gallery-with-famous-painting-in-broad-daylightArt Theft

Man walks out of art gallery with famous painting in...

AAD REPORTS 28/01/2019As Russians say it best in a few words when using broken English "Is theft". A man has been arrested after a Russian painting was stolen during the day at the famous Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. Watch the video and read more on The...[Read More]
the-woodshed-art-auction-scamArt Theft

Right vs Wrong in illustration

Elliot Lee 05/01/2019Recently brought to our attention, was a sale of art on an auction platform called Live Auctioneers.  As a brief, this is one of the online auction platforms that has a cross section of merchandise for sale, and in general terms, seems to provide a...[Read More]
painting-looted-during-wwii-recovered-in-connecticut-returning-to-ukraineArt Theft

Painting looted during WWII recovered in Connecticut,...

AAD REPORTS 26/12/2018FBI officials took custody of the painting and traced it to the Swiss man who sold the Ridgefield home in 1962. Officials didn't release his name but said he moved to the U.S. in 1946 after serving in the Swiss Army. He died in 1986. Gabby Tracy said...[Read More]
a-yacht-a-monet-a-see-through-piano-the-u-s-collects-on-a-fugitive-s-shopping-spreeArt Theft

A Yacht, a Monet, a See-Through Piano: The U.S....

AAD REPORTS 10/12/2018The van Gogh and the Monet are safely in storage in Switzerland. The Oscar that once belonged to Marlon Brando is in a federal warehouse in Texas. Those were easy enough to corral. But when the $250 million yacht was finally captured in Bali, the...[Read More]
how-a-charming-art-dealer-became-a-wanted-fraudsterArt Theft

How a charming art dealer became a wanted...

AAD REPORTS 02/12/2018Featuring Gerry Peters spin off Baird Ryan By most indications, Ezra Chowaiki ranked among New York City’s top art dealers. From 2004 to 2017, his eponymous gallery on Park Avenue showed work by artists such as ­Degas, Picasso and Calder. He dealt to...[Read More]
otto-krebs-collection-4Art Theft

Die Otto-Krebs-Sammlung: Kriegsbeute oder...

AAD REPORTS 26/11/2018Das warme Wetter des Frühlings 1945 bescherte den alliierten Armeen bessere Bedingungen im Wettlauf zur letzten Schanze des Nazireichs. Der tollwütige Wolf Nazideutschlands würde endlich den Gnadenstoß erhalten, die Frage war nur, von wem? Nördlich und...[Read More]
stolen-picasso-resurfaces-in-romania-6-years-laterArt Theft

Stolen Picasso resurfaces in Romania 6 years later

AAD REPORTS 21/11/2018BUCHAREST – A painting believed to be “Tête d’Arlequin” by Pablo Picasso stolen in 2012 from Rotterdam’s Kunsthal museum has turned up in Romania, prosecutors said on Sunday. In one of the art world’s most dramatic heists, thieves made off with seven...[Read More]
antiques-roadshow-painting-stolen-after-featuring-on-bbc-show-caught-in-legal-battleArt Theft

Antiques Roadshow Painting stolen after featuring on...

AAD REPORTS 12/11/2018Christies caught selling hot painting.   Just a week after the painting was given an estimate on Antiques Roadshow, the painting was stolen. Antiques Roadshow: Portrait of Mary Emma Jones by Emma Sandys (Image: CHRISTIE'S AUCTION HOUSE...[Read More]
more-french-jewelry-heistsArt Theft

More French Jewelry heists

AAD REPORTS 13/09/2018Paris remains a problem. Kim Kardashian not such an exception after all.   A Saudi princess had more than $900,000 in jewelry swiped from her room at a swanky Parisian hotel, French police said Monday. The unidentified member of the royal family...[Read More]
renoir-painting-the-nazis-stole-from-bank-vault-belonging-to-a-jewish-art-collector-is-returned-to-his-granddaughterArt Theft

Renoir painting the Nazis stole from bank vault...

AAD REPORTS 13/09/2018Renoir painting looted by the Nazis during World War II has been returned to its rightful owner, New York federal officials announced Wednesday. The painting, "Deux Femmes Dans Un Jardin," painted in 1919 by Pierre Auguste Renoir, was stolen by Nazis...[Read More]
here-are-the-13-artworks-stolen-the-night-of-the-gardner-museum-heistArt Theft

Here Are The 13 Artworks Stolen The Night Of The...

AAD REPORTS 22/08/2018The full list revisited:   On the morning of March 18, 1990, two thieves dressed as policemen walked into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston and walked out with 13 pieces of art valued at half a billion dollars. Twenty-eight years...[Read More]
a-small-town-couple-left-behind-a-stolen-painting-worth-over-100-millioArt Theft

A small-town couple left behind a stolen painting...

AAD REPORTS 04/08/2018© Photo courtesy of University of Arizona Museum of Art -  “Woman-Ochre” by Willem de Kooning. Jerry and Rita Alter kept to themselves. They were a lovely couple, neighbors in the small New Mexico town of Cliff would later tell reporters. But no...[Read More]
most-wanted-works-of-art-monuments-men-foundationArt Theft

Most Wanted: Works of Art | Monuments Men...

AAD REPORTS 22/07/2018To see a list and images of the most wanted works of art as featured on the Monuments Men foundation website, see the link below: You may also like to...[Read More]
iran-s-alleged-israeli-spy-a-former-cabinet-member-once-jailed-for-drug-smugglingArt Theft

Iran’s Alleged Israeli Spy: A Former Cabinet Member...

AAD REPORTS 22/07/2018High ranking jew caught smuggling ecstasy;   JERUSALEM — In a remarkable coda to the life of an enigmatic former wunderkind, Gonen Segev, once an Israeli fighter pilot and one of the youngest men elected to Israel’s parliament was today accused of...[Read More]
massive-object-damaged-uranus-foreverArt Theft

Massive object damaged Uranus forever

AAD REPORTS 22/07/2018A very Mishcon sort of collision. Our Solar System is a pretty calm place these days, all things considered, but that wasn’t always the case. In the period when the planets were still forming, collisions between various large bodies were common, and...[Read More]
russian-warship-carrying-100billion-worth-of-gold-found-off-south-koreaArt Theft

Russian warship carrying £100 BILLION worth of GOLD...

AAD REPORTS 22/07/2018As much as one may dislike the current leader of Russia, there is something wrong about treasure hunters disturbing the undergraves of sailors lost in the RussoJapanese war. A RUSSIAN warship called Dmitrii Donskoi carrying gold worth £100 billion has...[Read More]
how-to-spot-a-perfect-fake-the-world-s-top-art-forgery-detectiveArt Theft

How to spot a perfect fake: the world’s top art...

AAD REPORTS 23/06/2018A former native of Williamstown Massachusetts comes to the forefront of the art world battles as Forensics uses science to elevate connoisseurship into a discipline that holds up in court. IE auction houses can't just hire would be poets anymore. Hard...[Read More]
gardner-heist-perp-tied-to-1993-murderArt Theft

Gardner Heist perp tied to 1993 murder

AAD REPORTS 08/06/2018Steve the Rifleman Flemmi scores a hit as he tries Cadillac Frank Salemme to 1993 rubout.  BOSTON (Reuters) - The ex-partner of convicted Boston gangster James “Whitey” Bulger testified on Thursday that he witnessed the strangling of a nightclub...[Read More]
stolen-painting-recoveredArt Theft

Stolen painting recovered

AAD REPORTS 07/06/2018A stolen painting by British artist Stanley Spencer was returned to its owners five years after it was taken when authorities located the $1.3 million piece of work under a drug dealer’s bed, next to cocaine and ecstasy tablets, officials...[Read More]
stasi-warehouse-of-muhlenbeck-5Art Theft

Supermarket of Swag Revealed at Last: The Stasi...

AAD REPORTS 06/05/2018First published 15.08.2015 More to come: much, much, more. Readers of AAD know of our research into the story of the Stasi, a rapacious secret police of the defunct East German regime whose manipulation of the art trade at the expense of its law...[Read More]
origin-of-the-stasi-s-off-the-books-op-art-to-finance-espionage-2Art Theft

Origin Of The Stasi's "Off The Books" Op,...

AAD REPORTS 29/03/2018Berlin, April 22, 1956 in a previously unknown tunnel a few feet under Checkpoint Charlie, machine gun fire erupted as Soviet and East German soldiers ambushed Americans in a secret passageway built by the CIA. The border between the hostile powers at...[Read More]
stolen-charles-darwin-letter-recoveredArt Theft

F.B.I. Returns Stolen Charles Darwin Letter To...

AAD REPORTS 29/03/2018The letter, penned by the renowned naturalist and geologist in 1875, was stolen from the Smithsonian more than three decades ago. It was recently recovered by the FBI following a public tip regarding the letter’s whereabouts. Assistant Director in...[Read More]
wadsworth-athenaeum-arn-art-oasis-of-hartford-ct-2Art Theft

Yanks can be bad too, photos prove all

Robert Alexander Boyle 01/03/2018Editor's note: It's not just the English who can conjure up heavily altered objects and call them rediscovered antiques. BADA still amounts to a pile of turds on this subject. Aided by photos of a previously "unadorned" 1840s piece became a heavily...[Read More]
this-american-socialite-loved-sex-luxury-and-nazisArt Theft

This American socialite loved sex, luxury and...

AAD REPORTS 24/02/2018All she ever wanted was her very own literary salon — and she didn’t care if she had to turn traitor to get one. Florence Gould, the “Queen of the Riviera,” was a flapper fashion plate and a Depression-era trend-setter who parlayed her husband’s...[Read More]
gardner-heist-mastermind-to-go-on-trial-in-2018Art Theft

Gardner Heist mastermind to go on trial in 2018

AAD REPORTS 04/02/2018Former Mafia boss Francis "Cadillac Frank" Salemme will go on trial in 2018. While Cadillac Frank never got pinched for the largest art theft in American history, this is no choir boy as the aged Don, once a guest of the federal governments retirement...[Read More]
priceless-evening-at-the-frick-collection-agent-robert-wittman-on-art-theft-2Art Theft

FBI Agent Robert King Wittman on Art Theft

AAD REPORTS 24/01/2018FBI agent Robert King Wittman is responsible for recovering more than $300 million worth of stolen art, including works by Goya, Rembrandt, and Rockwell  For two decades, Robert King “Bob” Wittman” investigated and resolved many cases that...[Read More]
who-s-afraid-of-julian-radcliffeArt Theft

Who’s Afraid of Julian Radcliffe?

Alessandra Massameno 14/01/2018A word to the wise: You should be afraid of Julian Radcliffe; if not by name, then by title of his organization, the Art Loss Register. The concept is innocent enough, if not noble—ALR is a database of lost and stolen artifacts whose purpose is to return...[Read More]
mould-teaches-people-how-to-scrubArt Theft

Mould teaches people how to scrub

AAD REPORTS 17/11/2017Mould instructional video on how to apply zip strip onto a painting then scrub horrifies conservators around the world. "The thing that was so terribly disturbing about that video is the guy starts right on the face of the sitter. When I saw this...[Read More]
suitcase-containing-1m-of-gems-stolen-on-london-trainArt Theft

Suitcase containing £1m of gems stolen on London...

AAD REPORTS 13/11/2017A jewellery dealer had a suitcase containing £1 million worth of gems stolen from him on a train in London. British Transport Police are investigating the theft from the 35-year-old which happened on Wednesday at around 6.30pm. The dealer told officers...[Read More]
ivory1Art Theft

The Environmental Investigation Agency Have Some...

Elliot Lee 09/11/2017With the Government’s Ivory ban consultation currently in full swing, and no reply yet from the Right Hon. Michael Gove’s office as per our request for an interview on the subject, it makes sense to surf the net and see what’s being said and what’s being...[Read More]
looted-painting-in-us-hands-ordered-back-to-french-familyArt Theft

Looted painting in US hands ordered back to French...

AAD REPORTS 07/11/2017 PARIS (AP) — A Paris court has ordered an American couple to return a valuable Camille Pissarro painting looted during World War II to the descendants of a French family who owned it at the time. U.S. citizens Bruce and Robbi Toll had loaned the...[Read More]
galleries-hit-by-cyber-crime-waveArt Theft

Galleries Hit By Cyber Crime Wave

AAD REPORTS 31/10/2017Hackers are stealing large sums of money from art galleries and their clients using a straightforward email deception. The Art Newspaper has so far identified nine galleries or individuals targeted by this scam. They include Hauser & Wirth, the...[Read More]
ancient-limestone-relief-is-seized-at-tefafArt Theft

Ancient Limestone Relief Seized at TEFAF

AAD REPORTS 29/10/2017The European Fine Art Fair at the Park Avenue Armory is an elegant event during which wealthy collectors browse through booths of stunning art pieces, from ancient sculptures to works by early 20th-century masters. So it raised a few eyebrows on Friday...[Read More]
agents-break-up-a-ring-of-art-thieves-and-bring-a-statue-homeArt Theft

Agents Break Up A Ring of Art Thieves, And Bring A...

AAD REPORTS 22/10/2017MONTERODUNI, Italy — The recent return to Monteroduni of a 16th-century statue of the archangel Michael — stolen by thieves some 20 months earlier — was a heartfelt affair. A marching band led a procession through the narrow streets of the town, in the...[Read More]
looted-antiquities-allegedly-on-sale-at-london-frieze-masters-art-fairArt Theft

Looted antiquities allegedly on sale at London Frieze...

AAD REPORTS 22/10/2017Distasteful and nebulous payments to criminals, and now this? Art loss register fail and have to backtrack, yet again. Disgusting.   Ancient Greek vases identified as having once been in possession of convicted dealer Gianfranco Becchina A view...[Read More]
you-couldn-t-make-it-up-putin-personally-invites-blatter-to-russiaArt Theft

You Couldn't Make It Up: Putin Personally Invites...

AAD REPORTS 21/10/2017They can't ban Blatter from attending games as somebody's guest, however, clearly Putin paid off Blatter et al. So, Platini must be there, perhaps it is the only place where Michel may display his apparent Picasso acumen. Disgraced former FIFA...[Read More]
rebekah-jacob-gallery-legal-resume-aka-charleston-county-court-case-searchArt Theft

Rebekah Jacob Gallery Legal resume, aka Charleston...

AAD REPORTS 08/09/2017Somebody has been busy. Data courtesy AAD's new legal research arm. Jacob, Rebekah Defendant 2013CP1000743 02/06/2013 Referred To...[Read More]
helloArt Theft

Disgraced Dealer Rebekah Jacob Now Held Out in...

AAD REPORTS 07/09/2017Suspiciously sunning herself in a hurricane pass, Becka Jacob upon further reflection now finds herself in a jurisdiction where Uncle Sam and the long arm of the law matters not. Cuba has a rich history of sheltering felonious fugitives from American...[Read More]
disgraced-charleston-dealer-on-the-runArt Theft

More Charleston Con

AAD REPORTS 05/09/2017   Disgraced Charleston Dealer On The Run? Come And Get Me Uncle Sam Perhaps the multiple court appointments wearied the disgraced Charleston art dealer, so it appears in search of sunnier climes she skipped town and headed south of the...[Read More]
isabella-stewart-gardner-museum-the-lost-paintings-revisited-5Art Theft

Stubborn Stand-off Over Stolen Gardner Museum Art

AAD REPORTS 05/09/2017The end may be near in the long, strange standoff between geriatric Hartford gangster Robert "The Cook" Gentile and the investigators who suspect he is concealing information about history's richest art theft, the heist a quarter century ago of...[Read More]
jewel-thieves-strike-store-near-buffalo-in-hollywood-style-caperArt Theft

Jewel thieves strike store near Buffalo in...

AAD REPORTS 22/08/2017Editor's note: It must be summer because that is the only time rural upstate New York ever gets in the news. Jewelry thieves strike near Buffalo, NY. in the backyard of the once formidable Stefano Magaddino Crime family, a heist happened of the sort not...[Read More]
isabella-stewart-gardner-museum-the-lost-paintings-revisited-4Art Theft

West Virginia Man Indicted on Fraud Charges Tied to...

AAD REPORTS 22/07/2017Defendant Tried to Fraudulently Obtain $5 million for Stolen Artwork That He Did Not Possess  BOSTON – A Beckley, W.Va. man was indicted today by a federal grand jury in Boston in connection with his scheme to sell paintings stolen from the...[Read More]
patriots-owner-tells-story-of-how-putin-took-his-super-bowl-ringArt Theft

Patriots owner tells story of how Putin ‘took’ his...

AAD REPORTS 25/06/2017Putin shows more the brazen instincts of a thief. New England Patriots owner Bob Kraft didn’t really want to discuss the infamous Super Bowl ring appropriation by Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of a Q&A with WPP Chief Executive Martin...[Read More]
the-brigham-young-masterlist-of-stolen-art-worksArt Theft

The Brigham Young Masterlist Of Stolen Art Works.

Robert Alexander Boyle 15/05/2017A masterlist of the works stolen from Brigham Young University was published in the late 1980's, but this recently has been digitized, a result of hopes buoyed by the return of the J. Alden Weir still life painting, once in the hands of the Thyssen...[Read More]
silver-chalice-with-rosesArt Theft

Silver Chalice With Roses

09/05/2017Silver Chalice With Roses, Julian Alden Weir When American Impressionist, J. Alden Weir first met Anna Dewight Baker, he noticed her fondness for flowers, and while courting her sent her daily a fresh bunch of violets. The artist would associate Anna...[Read More]
a-stasi-legacy-or-ghosts-of-christmas-pastArt Theft

Ghosts of Christie's Past

AAD REPORTS 04/05/2017 A Long Forgotten Sale Becomes News Again Allegations Made of Stasi Consignments  Why Did Davidge Walk Scott Free into Retirement? 3B. The Extra National Origin Doo Hickey (*) Identifies Certain Lots Not From The...[Read More]
stolen-lindauer-paintings-pictures-of-suspects-releasedArt Theft

Stolen Lindauer Paintings: Pictures of Suspects...

AAD REPORTS 05/04/2017Images have been released showing the suspects believed to have stolen two iconic Māori paintings in Auckland over the weekend. CCTV footage captured two men, believed to be between their 20s and 30s, wearing bandanas, black gloves and dark...[Read More]
fat-boy-finally-comes-homeArt Theft

Fat Boy Finally Comes Home

AAD REPORTS 01/04/2017Fat boy finally comes home. The F.B.I. works a miracle in recovering a stolen Norman Rockwell painting.   PHILADELPHIA — No matter where the Grant family lived, the Norman Rockwell painting of a chubby boy resting against a tree had always been...[Read More]
art-dispute-paints-a-murky-pictureArt Theft

Art Dispute Paints a Murky Picture

AAD REPORTS 23/03/2017Britain’s leading “art detective” has been accused of running mistresses on expenses while court documents have shone a light on an industry where payments have allegedly been made to police officers to “oil the wheels” of...[Read More]
isabella-stewart-gardner-museum-the-lost-paintings-revisited-2Art Theft

Six Theories Behind The Stolen Gardner Museum...

AAD REPORTS 19/03/2017   Twenty-seven years after two thieves disguised as police officers talked their way into the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, tied up the guards and fled with masterpieces worth an estimated $500 milion, it remains the world’s largest art...[Read More]
3-men-convicted-in-110-million-paris-modern-art-heistArt Theft

3 men convicted in $110 million Paris modern art...

AAD REPORTS 21/02/2017Sleazy Euros found guilty of being thieving Euros. PARIS (AP) — An agile thief nicknamed "Spiderman," an antiques dealer and an art expert were sentenced to prison Monday and ordered to pay Paris for stealing five masterpieces from the city's...[Read More]
london-church-to-be-reunited-with-stolen-16th-century-carvingArt Theft

London church to be reunited with stolen 16th-century...

AAD REPORTS 22/12/2016A historic church in the City of London is to be reunited with a magnificent 16th-century carving that was stolen from it decades ago. St Katharine Cree church in Leadenhall Street is a survivor of both the Great Fire of 1666 and the second world war...[Read More]
dutch-city-celebrates-as-stolen-masterpieces-return-homeArt Theft

Dutch City Celebrates as Stolen Masterpieces Return...

AAD REPORTS 08/10/2016Stolen masterpieces   On the night of January 9 2005, 24 paintings and 70 pieces of silverware, the heart of the 17th and 18th century collection, were stolen from the Westfries Museum during a burglary. For years the city of Hoorn had been hoping...[Read More]