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The best thing about Christmas are the presents that are books, even if I do have to buy some of them for myself. Keith Richards’, “Life” has been recommended to me by numerous and varied people so I bought myself a copy and read it over the holidays. The man is a real mensch. Further, he loves what he does and he spreads the joy he gets from it anywhere and everywhere he can.

But, of course, being a rock and roll star was living dangerously back in the 1960’s and 70’s. By that I mean the groups that promoted attitude, and the Rolling Stones were no slouches in that department, were seen as amoral at best by what was referred to in those days as “The Establishment”. Just long hair was enough to incite violence. I was almost run off the road in Utah in 1970 for that misdemeanor.

The truth is that life is about discovering a passion that can be vocation/avocation. Few do. Richards was lucky. I have also been lucky. The world of English furniture, from the objects to the vast majority of the trade including dealers, restorers, movers, etc., is a group of people that all seem to take immense pleasure in what they do. It makes for a great business.

Happy New Year!