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In the middle of January I was invited to share my thoughts on the health of antiques shows in America, as the on-line antiques world in England, Europe and America kept swirling with debates about the success of shows, the failures of shows, the competition for dealers from auction houses, the efforts of auction houses to corner the retail market at shows and in their galleries. From that came my article The Future of Antiques Shows in America. Elliot Lee, a colleague, assured me that I would be astonished by the AAD reach and the potential impact of such an article. My skepticism has been erased.

If you are reading this, I assume you followed the far ranging dialogue that developed. What I would like to share is what developed off of the AAD through emails, calls and personal conversations with both dealers and representatives from antiques show committees as well as show managers. The number of people across the country who shared the original article, read the Do's and Don'ts of Successful Shows and Mary Helen McCoy's A to Z Good Guide to Charity Shows has been amazing, but more importantly the committees and managers are taking the advice of all of the dealers who contributed to these idea lists!

Members of the industry shared the articles and ideas with their show management leadership. Committee members from Jacksonville to Birmingham to Houston and from Nashville through the Mid-West to New England over the last few weeks have shared their enthusiasm for the advice contained in these excellent reports, with several committees using the posts as a basis for their planning sessions for next year's shows. This is truly exciting as I believe dealers and show committees and show managers are united through these discussions with a renewed enthusiasm for building shows back into the powerful force they have been in the past--a force for the good of their communities and a force for the financial well-being of their dealers.

If you are a dealer, please do share these articles with every dealer you know. If you participate in American shows, please share them with every committee where you are showing. Only together with these committees can we turn around the destiny of charity shows and re-invigorate them for the mutual benefit of all.

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