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I wanted to share with everyone a letter I received on this topic:

''I think I may be out of place here, as a senior year college student. I found your article on the AAD website. I was poking around there because I’ve been trying to explore more about antiques and art.

I think that the world of antiques and art is a little scary. Generally, most people I know who are interested in antiques are quite a bit more senior than I am. I’m not suggesting that these people are scary, but what comes to mind when I think of antiques is years upon years of knowledge and learning that is required to understand the value and appreciate the items.

Now that if I’ve started looking, I don’t know where to start. It also doesn’t help that there are so many locked doors. Starting to google has led me to exclusive dealer societies and pages.

What you’ve also mentioned here is quite right. $20 entry isn’t exactly chump change when you’re getting by on $80 a week. But then again, maybe someone with my budget has no business attending these events…''

How would you respond to this?