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Bad guys 1

Beyond the pox that Ann Freedman and Knoedler Gallery has given the art world, this past summer saw in the New York Post and New York Times print the musings and taunts of a self-confessed forger. This annoying person originally from Nyack, NY and once part of a larger crew that operated in the lower Hudson Valley, is named Ken Perenyi. He moved out of New York State and headed down to Florida to set up shop again.

For those that do not know the intricacies of state law in America, if you have legal actions against you in Florida nobody can seize a home there. In the meanwhile Mr. Perenyi has been busy, his website shows all of his deliberate forgeries and broadcasts them to the world. This is bad enough, but his paintings, once they leave his hands continue to be misrepresented. Last February 10, 2013, Kaminski

Auctions of Beverly, Massachusetts held a “Winter Estate Auction,” you can see the page in question at:

Or if they suddenly develop a conscience and wipe the page as Kaminski did yesterday, you can see it via the great wayback webmachine at:

In any event, they can try to delete all they want, but Lot 8130 from the Kaminski Winter sale of February 10, 2013 looks exactly like a painting on the webpage called, “after R.S. Gifford” but photographed on Mr. Perenyi’s webpage with sign and signature as “S.R. Gifford”:

In case Mr. Perenyi seeks to cover his tracks, here too is an immortal shot of his webphoto via wayback:

Mr. Perenyi is bad news for those who wish the art market to have integrity, but it gets worse. The successful bidder of the forged painting in Kaminski’s sale last February discovered early on he had been had and refused to pay for the forgery. Kaminski then went into legal collection mode. Their attitude was if you bid, therefor you bought, forget about misrepresentation across state line. Even when it was brought to their attention Kaminski went out of their way to bad mouth the buyer who discovered he had been defrauded by a Perenyi production. Now this writer does not know who put the painting in Kaminski Auctions, so far they have refused to answer questions, but as long as Perenyi posts this image on his wall of all-star fugazies, perhaps Kaminski ought to stand down or better yet ask law enforcement to go after the consignor.

Perenyi stench lingers:,-o-c-8130-c-1163eff291

Kaminski 2 word doc.

Bad guys 2

Bad guys 3

The first letter reads:

”Please find enclosed a copy of your recent purchases made at our February Estate Auction on February 10th, 2013. As it has been over 10 days, your account is past due. Please keep in mind that if we do not hear from you, you will be banned from Kaminski Auctions, and we will notify all auction houses of your non-paying status. To avoid this , please make payment immediately. Please contact us at 978-927 2223


Kaminski Auctions”

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