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According to a report in the Palm Beach Post, Havard Melvaer, Captain of the Edda Fjord, a huge shipping vessel on route from port Fourchon, L.A., said it was a "stroke of luck" that he spotted a 19 foot long boat whilst on deck for fresh air.

The long boat went astray last summer when the company which was hired to retrieve it lost all contact with the attached data marker buoy on the vessel. Austin Stephanos and Perry Cohen, both 14 years of age, had set sail in the boat last summer on a fishing trip, and failed to return. 

The contents of the boat included Austin’s iPhone, two fishing rods and two small tackle boxes according to the newspaper report, all of which have been returned to the families.

This tragic story rocked the international artworld last summer with an outpouring of shared grief for the parents of the two boys, Nick Korniloff and Pamela Cohen, best known to the Art Market as Art Fair Directors of the Art Miami contemporary and modern art group of Fairs.

The recovered boat is currently in a shipping container, and is due to arrive in Florida in May.


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