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Salem Massachusetts, first settled in the 1630's by religious outsiders from England, Hawthornes, Buffums, Soutwicks and Peabodys. It quickly developed its own character outside of Boston. By 1658 Quakers were declared persona non grata and thirty four years later that was followed up by the Salem Witch trials.

Time passed and the seaside city after the American Revolution became the foremost port for the China trade in the New World, enabling economic growth as well as the establishment of several museums the Essex Institute and the Peabody Museum. The two combined to form one of the largest maritime museums in the world with a collection to rival the Greenwich Museum in the UK.

At one time ashamed of its history, the city has in recent years accepted the grisly past and embraced it as its own. Indeed on a short walk between the notable Hawthonre Hotel and the Peabody Essex Museum are some half dozen witch stores, arcane book shops and other reputed venues of black magic. While one may not get the potion they wanted, the setting is potent, and at certain moments of the day, history comes alive in Salem, MA.

01witchIMG 20160225 172643Stickwork: Patrick Dougherty, Located in the Crowninshield-Bentley Lawn

02witchIMG 20160225 170513Essex Institute

03witchIMG 20160225 170746Gardner-Pingree House, Built in 1804, United States National Historic Landmark

05witchIMG 20160224 181535Peabody Essex Museum, Salem MA

04witchIMG 20160225 005346Samuel Pickman House, Built 1664, it overlooks a graveyard and gallows where nineteen witches were executed,today called the Salem Witch Trials Memorial

06witchIMG 20160225 005532Burying Point Graveyard, next to Salem Witch Trials Memorial

07witchDSC 0250Even the sky takes on a different light here when the wind blows

08witch20160224 174512 1 1Local Business

09witch20160224 174352Not your normal used book store

10witch 03 04 00.16.07Stickworks by Patrick Dougherty


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Robert Alexander Boyle

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