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According to Genovese, local lore has it Peter Gotti failed the entrance exam required for aspiring sanitation workers.

To hear the Genovese wiseguy laugh over a Gotti being too stupid to be a garbageman, left an indelible impression as to the Genovese family take on the cumulative Gambino's IQ if this genius was to be the Gam's capo di tutti capo.

Anyhow it was said "Eventually friends of friends but not friends of ours ensured this stunad would be able to join the union." 

Who said life was fair?

Stunad was denied early release by a federal judge. Read about it in the Stunad newspaper of choice, The Daily Snooze, apparently the left leaning NY Times uses too many big words while the conservative NY Post in its use of headline double entendres leaves would be wise guys in an atypical state of confusion. As Paulie Walnuts opined on the Sopranos: 

"What wud Lucky Luciano t'ink of dis t'ing of ours?"

Apparently Ugats, the Gambinos at least while the Genoveses remain justly regarded as formidable perhaps even the Ivy League of La Cosa Nostra.

Read more on NY Daily News:

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