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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's ban on dining inside caused a famous restaurant to close its doors for good. The legendary 21 Club, once a speakeasy named Jack and Charlies and known to many for its magnificent collection of art by Frederic Remington announced today it was going out of business.

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Thousands of other restaurants teeter on the brink as this callous thug of a governor continues to push policies that kill small business. For a man whose father denied the very existence of the mafia, said son will have a body count that Luco Brasi would have envied.

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New York City’s iconic 21 Club reportedly told its nearly 150 employees that it’s going out of business and that they'll be let go in March.

The former speakeasy first opened during the Prohibition era, and has remained a mainstay of the Big Apple’s social scene ever since.

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