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A pussy whipped crybaby
who gave an embarrassing press conference asking if rain could cry.

The spoiled twit does not understand that arid California suffers from over population.

Like it needs another holier-than-thou rich person living amongst 40 million people which has the water supply for half that.

This was his speech:

"Every single raindrop that falls from the sky relieves the parched ground," the prince said in the interview. "What if every single one of us was a raindrop and if every single one of us cared?" 

Does California need Harry?


Perhaps he should lead by example and move out.

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Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, is taking heat for comments appearing to link the coronavirus pandemic with nature punishing humans.

“Someone said to me right at the beginning of the pandemic, it’s almost as though Mother Nature sends us to our rooms for bad behavior, to really take a moment and think about what we’ve done,” he said in a video interview with the new streaming service WaterBear Network, which is focused on climate and conservation documentaries.

Read more on The Hill:

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