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The “finder” of a treasure buried in the Rocky Mountains claims to be a millennial who found the cache of gold coins and jewelry in Wyoming — but dozens of fortune hunters in the decade-long search are not convinced by his story. 

In a recent article published in Medium, an online “open” publishing platform, the anonymous writer said he figured out the location of the treasure buried by Forrest Fenn, an eccentric art collector based in Santa Fe, in 2018 but took “many months” to hone in on the exact spot.

Fenn, who died in September at age 90, announced in June that the $2-million treasure he buried somewhere in the Rockies in 2010 had been found “by a man from out East.” Fenn would not identify the “finder” by name and refused to disclose the exact location of the treasure.

The late Fenn was a prominent art dealer in Santa Fe, NM when the Rio Grande Import Export business rendered cash more plentiful than art.

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Forrest Fenn's treasure found 

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