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Dan Bilzerian's Ignite International Brands Is Falling Apart

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 Dan Bilzerian, the CEO of publicly-listed company Ignite International Brands (OTCQX:BILZF), is facing turmoil currently. Dan Bilzerian is a well-renowned insta-celebrity who boasts his life to his 30 million-plus followers. On the face of it, it is easy to envy Bilzerian and his brand 'Ignite' which he uses his Instagram following to market. Bilzerian has access to a huge audience and thus, if you didn't have access to its financial reports or statements, you would think it was a sizable and healthy company. This would be more down to its presumably astute marketing techniques rather than its leadership - I will go into more detail about the fragile nature of the team that runs this company later. The truth is Ignite is looking increasingly likely to become a COVID fatality. The company is burning through a serious amount of cash and its starting to close in on the entity. As you can probably already tell, I am advising investors to stay away from Ignite, it's not even worth a trade.

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