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Artnet writes a crybaby story on people who defended their property after protestors smashed a gate onto a private street.

There was no right to assemble. Now it is trespassing. The cowardly St. Louis police refused to answer the phone.

The property owners do, apparently, own a Van Dyck which Dr. Susan Grundy might just review.

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The picture of the middle-aged white couple pointing guns at a throng of peaceful protestors in front of their ornate St. Louis home will likely go down as one of the defining images of 2020. It’s so loaded with symbolism, it feels like it’s an old master painting. As it happens, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the gun-toting personal injury lawyers from the photos that went viral last weekend, might know a thing or two about that. It turns out the McCloskeys are very into European classicism. 

Soon after the photo filled social-media feeds, so too did other images of the McCloskeys and their modern-day palazzo, fetishistically modeled after a Medici palace in Florence and decked out with centuries-old art and furniture. One image shows the couple standing on the landing of their marble staircase below a rotunda decorated with a 28-foot-long mural canvas. Behind them is a painting by Paul-Joseph Jamin. 

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