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Omerta no more as wise guys aspire to become script writers, or, it is a whole lot safer to rat on dead guys than in your face living gangsters:

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"I know where Jimmy Hoffa is buried, absolutely" says Phillip Moscato, Jr. He also says he knows who killed him: mob hitman Salvatore 'Sally Bugs' Briguglio.

"'Sally Bugs' is the one who pulled the trigger in Detroit."

Phil is the son of Hoffa suspect Phillip "Brother" Moscato, Sr., a Genovese crime family powerhouse in New Jersey who died of liver cancer in 2014 at the age of 79. Phil told Fox Nation in an exclusive interview that not only did his father reveal that his close childhood friend and fellow Genovese mobster "Sally Bugs" shot the iconic labor leader, but that his Dad also told him where the body ended up.

To read more on Fox News:

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