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How a corner of Croton was Taos before Taos.

Fifty years after Gifford painted Hook Mountain from Croton Point, artists returned to the sleepy hamlet on the Hudson River. Drawn by patron Mabel Dodge whose seasonal home on Finney Farm was painted by guest Andrew Dasburg, other artist visitors included Marsden Hartley, Jules Pascin, Theodore Butler and George Biddle. Writers included John Reed, of Ten Days that shook the world and now buried in the walls of the Kremlin.

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Finney Farm is unique in its combination of structures, events and some of the remarkable and even notorious people who have lived or visited there over the years.

Originally part of the Van Cortlandt Manor, it was sold in 1736 to William Skinner and his wife, the former Elizabeth Van Cortlandt. It changed hands many times over the years until 1864 when Samuel Sinclair and his wife, Charlotte Elisabeth Perry, the niece of Horace Greeley, bought the land.

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