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Putin better find more Picassos to bribe people with because sanctions on Nord Stream 2 just cleared an important committee vote (20-2) in the United States Senate.

A similar bill already cleared the United States House of Representatives. After a full Senate vote passes, the two versions get reconciled before going to the chief executive to be signed into law.

European Union, pay close attention, this is how a real federal government works. Elected representatives pass bills that become law. None of this hidey widey Merkel/Junker/Macron fiddling away in a closet, and giggling over a rigged deck.

President Trump has warned Germany and western Europe from becoming too dependent on the tyrant of Moscow for natural gas, and placing sanctions on German banks and politicians who enabled Vladimir Putins evil shenanigans are now about to be placed on an economic chokehold. Angela Merkel's hands are really going to start shaking.

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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Senate committee passed a bill on Wednesday to slap sanctions on companies and individuals involved in building the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany that the Trump administration says would strengthen Moscow’s economic grip on Europe.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the “Protecting Europe’s Energy Security Act,” by a vote of 20 to 2. The bill, which reflects some lawmakers’ concerns over Russian influence in Europe, would still need to pass the full Senate and House of Representatives and be signed by President Donald Trump into law.

A companion bill passed the House Foreign Affairs Committee last month.

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