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Toes up (Tony Cigars) Ruggirello checked out this week of natural causes ending quite possibly the last chance at solving the Jimmy Hoffa murder mystery, a story that has been the subject of numerous books and movies.

Word on the street was Hoffa had a heart attack at the last sit down, or straightening out, so the mobsters crunched the car and the body reducing evidence down to the macular level, recycled in every Dodge and Plymouth bumper for the 75-76 model year.

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July 6, 2019 — Detroit mob luminary Antonino (Tony Cigars) Ruggirello died this week of natural causes. The 85-year old Ruggirello was a crew boss in the Tocco-Zerilli crime family for decades and had been acting in an advisory capacity to mafia administrators in the Motor City during his final years, per sources. His father, “Big Toto” Ruggirello fought in the Crosstown Mob War of the early 1930s before dying of a heart attack when Tony and his three brothers were infants.

Tony and his brother Luigi (Louie the Bulldog) Ruggirello had their names surface in the investigation into the disappearance and murder of Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa, a well-known associate and ally of the Detroit mafia, who mysteriously vanished from a Bloomfield Township, Michigan restaurant the afternoon of July 30, 1975 on his way to meet Tocco-Zerilli Family power Anthony (Tony Jack) Giacalone for lunch. Giacalone and Tony Ruggirello were partners in a pest extermination business. Both Ruggirellos had their mug shots included in a photo lineup of potential suspects attached to the famous Hoffex memo, an internal briefing for law enforcement compiled in the months after the stubborn labor leader was rubbed out.

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