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London's Olympic Stadium gets a temporary redesign from soccer to baseball. British public to get first in season display of the throwing skills that made Yanks trading grenades with Nazis in WW2 a huge mismatch in favor for the Americans. Something the Russians have yet to experience first hand. Old army vets snicker at trading grenades with soccer playing nations. Watching these athletes warm up throwing two to three hundred feet apart with long tossing is mindblowing.

The teams on display across the pond are arch rival Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Little love lost between the two, nor any mercy for the loser. The two teams combined for an astounding 209 record wins last year. This year's Yankees are hitting the ball out of the park at a rate that is on pace to shatter all records. So in a little stadium designed for footie, watch the big boys emulate the Sultans of Swat.

To read more on the New York Post: Screen Shot 2019 04 24 at 22.54.13

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