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Interesting story on the archives of the New York Times from 1987 on how three men used a fire hose to escape down the side of queens house detention center in queens, NY.

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Two men convicted of murder and a third inmate pried open a steel hatch, crawled 80 feet through a duct and then shinned down fire hoses and bedsheets to escape from the sixth floor of a city jail in Queens early yesterday, officials said.

The three, who were being held at the Queens House of Detention for Men, were still at large last night, correction and police officials said.

The prisoners escaped between 11 P.M. Saturday and 7 A.M. Sunday after maneuvering along a complex trail that began in the dormitory they shared with 23 other inmates and left them free on a misty sidewalk in Kew Gardens.

To read more on the New York Times Archive:

lead image - queens detention center as it looks today

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