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A nice bunny story for Easter. 

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Painted by Sanford Gifford in 1877 while on a bass fishing expedition. Later used as a bombing range by the Navy for decades. Now the Guns are silent, the only sound now is the hippety hop of bunnies.

Sunset on the Shore of No Mans Land Bass FishingSunset on the Shore of No Mans Land by Sanford Gifford, 1877 - learn more about the artist, here

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NOMANS LAND — The 38-foot aluminum catamaran sliced across a light chop on Vineyard Sound, headed for a sandy brown strip of land with a foreboding name and a treacherous past.

Closed to the public, Nomans Land, 3 miles southwest of Martha’s Vineyard, is littered with unexploded bombs and rockets from its years as a naval bombing site.

This week, the federal government was delivering a payload of a gentler sort: 13 cinnamon-colored New England cottontail rabbits, each one nestled in its own compartment in wooden boxes stowed behind the captain’s chair.

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