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While a certain score in British history remains sealed courtesy daffy duck laws and bewigged judges more akin to morons than sages, somebody in the USA clearly took notes on the 2008 Jason Steatham film, The Bank Job.

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The certain score all of these heists are modeled upon was the 1971 Baker Street robbery was the burglary of the safe deposit boxes at the Baker Street London branch of Lloyd's bank on the night of 11 September 1971.

In 2019 the target was a Chase Bank where a 150-foot tunnel dug from woods, beneath a two-lane road and straight toward the branch. The tunnel was revealed Tuesday night when public works employees were called to a possible sinkhole in a road near the bank’s ATM bays, at 390 S. Flamingo Road, the FBI said.

To read more on Sun-Sentinel (but not if you reside in the EU):

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