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The Juice is loose, and he don't come for free. Sacha Cohen hires former felon O.J. Simpson as he seeks box office gold.

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Ali G star Sacha Baron Cohen paid disgraced actor OJ Simpson £15,000 to appear in a prank for the comedian’s next film, according to a source close to the production.

A source told The Mail on Sunday that Baron Cohen wore a curly dark wig and black, thick-rimmed glasses to meet Simpson in a Las Vegas hotel room. The source said: ‘OJ would not even get in the hotel room until he was paid a sackload of cash. There was no way Sacha could have got OJ into the room without paying money.’

Simpson was acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman in a 1995 criminal trial, only to be found liable for their deaths in a 1997 civil case.

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